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Keeping Up to Date

USB thumb drive updates for Avidyne and GarminI like to pride myself on staying up with the latest technology, but I have obviously been slipping when it comes to the Jeppesen Database Update process. I have owned 430Ws for many years, and ever month (ok – sometimes I miss a few) I haul out the Jeppesen Skybound adapter and plug in the […]

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Super Cub Kit Comparison

Super Cub Kit Comparison

Super Cubs are beloved by many a backcountry adventurer, and several kits offer options to meet the demand of builders interested in these sturdy workhorses. By Dave Prizio.



The Onex is an economical single-seat sportplane that feels like a baby fighter. By LeRoy Cook.

Building on a Budget

Building on a Budget

Building his VW-powered Zenith CH 701 taught Wayne Clagg a lot about the consequences of powerplant choices… and much more. By Scott M. Spangler.


New Homebuilt Aircraft Council Appointments

EAA LogoThe EAA’s Homebuilt Aircraft Council added three new members to replace Keith Phillips, Fred Keip, and Joe Gauthier after they retired. Kitplanes’ editor-in-chief Paul Dye and Kitplanes regular columnist Vic Syracuse (Checkpoints) along with Lisa Turner join existing members Rick Weiss (chairman), Gary Baker, Randy Hooper, and another regular Kitplanes writer Dave Prizio. EAA’s Homebuilt […]

Six Reasons to be a Homebuilder

dye-6-reasons-for-homebuilts-video-thm_2Kitplanes magazine editor-in-chief Paul Dye is a former NASA flight director, but he’s also a passionate homebuilder, currently working on a Dream Tundra. At AirVenture 2015, he gave his six top reasons for joining the homebuilt community.

Zenith Open Hangar Day: a great Fly-In, September 19

Zenith Open Hangar Day 2015What started as an informal gathering of like minds has turned into one of the largest marque fly-ins, offering formal training and seminars, contests, and fun flying for owners and builders of Zenith aircraft. On Friday, September 18, those who fly (KMYJ) or drive in to the Zenith factory (1881 Airport Rd, Mexico, Missouri 65265) […]

Vote For the Best Camping Photo

camping_03_20150805163745_CampingTripleTreeSC2014_What’s more fun than airplane camping? Let us know which photo you like best and the winner will receive a $25 gift certificate from Aircraft Spruce. We need your votes! Visit the voting page and choose your favorite.  

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Sling Goes Big

Four-seat homebuilt crosses the Atlantic to show its stuff. By Paul Dye.

It’s a Cub Thing

With a bigger engine and lighter airframe, CubCrafters’ Carbon Cub EX kit aircraft takes the Cub experience to a higher plane. By Marc Cook.

Flight Review: Mustang II

When Don Caskey recognized that a passel of his neighbors had built and were flying Mustang IIs, he got the bug and constructed a custom-made version of his own. By Ed Wischmeyer.

SeaRey LSX Amphibian

Progressive Aerodyne has a new version of its kitbuilt amphibian, the SeaRey LSX, and the updates to the design live up to high expectations. By Ed Wischmeyer.

Free Flight

Paul Dye argues that there is more between man and machine than just the hardware.

Kitfox with a Rotec

The Rotec-radial-powered Kitfox Super Sport taps into our nostalgia for radial engines but with a modern touch. By Marc Cook.

SkyView to the Rescue

When Stan Peternel’s Blue Mountain EFIS proved unreliable, he decided to bite the bullet and invest in a Dynon SkyView system. Editor-in-Chief Marc Cook discusses the numerous challenges of the retrofit.

Product Review: J.P. Instruments EDM-740

JPI is offering a new compact, capable engine monitor that is built and priced for the homebuilt market. By Marc Cook.

Product Review: PS Engineering PMA5000EX

At its heart, the PMA5000EX is a four-place stereo intercom in an audio panel that supports two each of coms, navs, switching aux inputs, music inputs plus having five unswitched aux inputs and a front-panel input for a music source or cell. By Marc Cook.

Flight Review: Horse Perennial

LeRoy Cook flies Larry Kinder’s award-winning Mustang II, a fast and fun homage to the legendary P-51 Mustang.

Flight Review: Mission Ready

Bush plane? Heck, yeah! Bill Repucci flies Just Aircraft’s strong, tough and fun Highlander.

Zenith STOL CH 750

Changing with the times, Zenith Aircraft has introduced an improved version of a design that debuted some 20 years ago. With a larger payload, more robust landing gear and greater visibility among other features, the CH 750 is tailored for today’s sport pilot; by LeRoy Cook.

A Witch’s Brew

Liquid consumables for the shop. By Eric Stewart.

Aero 'lectrics

Repairing a malfunctioning headset may be not only inexpensive, but completely doable. By Jim Weir.

Calculating Weight and Balance

This lazy man's guide removes some of the headaches. Sample weight & balance spreadsheets included.

Industry news

Kitplanes Magazine Sponsors Zenith STOL Competition

1094530_946352425380459_1253550247812872544_oSTOL competition highlights festivities at Zenith Open Hangar Day festival The second Zenith Aircraft Open Hangar Day STOL Competition is set for Friday, the day before official Open Hangar Day at the Mexico, Missouri Airport (KMYJ). On Friday, September 18, those who fly (KMYJ) or drive in to the Zenith factory (1881 Airport Rd, Mexico, […]

1,000 RV-12 Kits Sold

Photo: Dave MartinOn August 27, 2015 the shipping department at Van’s Aircraft Inc. had several orders to fill. By the end of the day, they’d rolled the 937th RV-12 kit empennage package onto the shipping dock, where it was picked up by a customer from Washington State, Richard Bangsund. What’s the significance of “937?” Well, combined with […]

Save $80 on ATS Tensiometers

ATS TensiometerPurchase a cable tensiometer from Aircraft Tool Supply and save $80. The T60-1001-C8 and T60-1001-C9 are on sale this week only! These cable tensiometers are ideal for obtaining a direct reading with a one-handed operation. Sale prices are valid until 8/18/15. Visit for details.

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General aviation news

New This Week
AVweb's search of aviation news this week found award announcements from the Aero Club of Northern California and the National Aviation Hall of...

French Investigators Confirm Flaperon From MH370
Matching serial numbers from a piece of flaperon found on a French island in July confirm the debris is from Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, French...

RAM Dings Continental On Parts Prices
In one of the more unusual press releases we've seen, RAM Aircraft LP, a Waco, Texas, engine and mod shop, says Continental Motors' recent...

The Weekender: Local Flavor For Labor Day
With three days to spend for Labor Day, The Weekender scouted out some first-time fly-ins on SocialFlight, plus some big airshows. FlightLevel of...

Unconfirmed Drone-Airplane Collision Reported
The FAA has reported that an "unknown object" struck a Piper Apache while in flight near Romeoville, Illinois, but according to the drone website...

Best of... Monthly Photo Contest Homebuilder's Portal by KITPLANES
dye-6-reasons-for-homebuilts-video-thm_2Kitplanes magazine editor-in-chief Paul Dye is a former NASA flight director, but he’s also a passionate homebuilder, currently working on a Dream Tundra. At AirVenture 2015, he gave his six top reasons for joining the homebuilt community.
gemini-video-capAt AirVenture 2015, Superior Air Parts provided a progress report on their new Gemini three-cylinder diesel, showing off an installation in an American Legend Cub.
rotax-915is-capNo one was expecting it, but at AirVenture 2015, Rotax introduced a new engine, the 135-hp turbocharged 915 iS. The company says it’s expected to be available by about 2017. Rotax/BRP’s Marc Becker gave a briefing on the new engine.
Paul_Dye_SubSonex-Jet-300x168When Kitplanes was given the opportunity to fly and review the Subsonex, we brought along Paul Bertorelli, our Editorial Director to capture the sights and sounds of the little jet for our readers. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed flying the airplane. Our full review will be found in the August […]
garmin-virb-rv12Van's Aircraft has a new VIRB action camera interface in the RV12 that works with the newly introduced Garmin G3X Touch avionics suite. Larry Anglisano took the system flying at the 2015 U.S. Sport Aviation Expo in Sebring, Florida, for a closer look.
rotax-factory-tour-snipWith the 912 iS and new iS Sport engine, Rotax is making gains with new products. Reporting for KITPLANES, Paul Bertorelli visited the factory last summer and produced this video explaining how the engines are built.
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