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Supplier Directory: Intercoms

Telex Communications, Inc.
Aircraft headsets, microphones, intercoms.

12000 Portland Ave. S
Minneapolis, MN 55420

Phone: 952/887-7496
Fax: 952/886-3745

SoftComm Products Inc.
Quality ANR and Passive headsets and portable or panel mount intercoms at affordable prices.

2310 S. Airport Blvd.
Chandler, AZ 85249

Phone: 800/342-4756
Fax: 602/917-3557

Sigtronics Corporation
Sigtronics invented the voice-activated intercom 24 years ago and we haven't stopped improving it yet. portable 2-place models to 3-place stereo panel mounts.

949 N. Cataract Ave., Ste D
San Dimas, CA 91773

Phone: 909/305-9399
Fax: 909/305-9499

PS Engineering, Inc.
From our low-cost PM501 to our top-end PM3000, we have the largest variety of panel mount and portable intercoms.

9800 Martel Rd.
Lenoir City, TN 37772

Phone: 865/988-9800
Fax: 865/988-6619

PILOT Communications
Full line of portable intercoms, 4-place, 2-place and 2-place expandable.

10015 Muirlands Blvd., Unit G
Irvine, CA 92618

Phone: 800/874-1140
Fax: 702/939-2140

Northern Airborne Technology Ltd.
InterVOX series is known for its high qualitiy and solid performance in either mono or stereo configurations. The AA80 series is the base model.

#14, 1925 Kirschner Rd.
Kelowna, BC , V1Y 4N7 Canada

Phone: 250/763-2232
Fax: 250/762-3374

Lynx Avionics Ltd
Communication headsets, radio equipment and head protection for use in aircraft.

Fulbrook Lane/Sherbourne
Warwick CV35 8AR, GB

Phone: 44 1926 624800

David Clark Company, Inc.
David Clark produces mounted and portable aircraft intercoms, helmet kits and comfort accessories.

360 Franklin St., Box 15054
Worcester, MA 01615-0054

Phone: 800/900-3434
Fax: 508/753-5827

Forbes Metal Stamping Co.
Microphone and phone jack mounting brackets.

26555 Golden Valley Rd.
Saugus, CA 91350

Phone: 661/250-1507
Fax: 661/250-9406

Flightcom Corporation
Flightcom produces a complete line of leading edge headsets and intercoms designed to enhance the fun of flying.

7340 SW Durham Rd.
Portland, OR 97224

Phone: 503/684-8229
Fax: 503/620-2943

Eastern Avionics International, Inc
Millennia Intercoms are available in 2 and 4-place versions with a variety of features. The most popular model, the MIL-2000, is a 4-place model with special crew audio selection.

28000-A12 Airport Rd.
Punta Gorda, FL 33982

Phone: 941/637-8585
Fax: 941/637-0388

Delcom Radio Inc.
Designed for sport aviation. Portable or permanent. The heart of your com system. It will interface with two transceivers, either handheld or ARINC.

Albert Whitted Airport
351 8th Ave. SE, Hangar #3, FL 33701, St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Phone: 800/335-2664
Fax: 727/865-1244

Comtronics Engineering, Ltd.
Intercoms and helmets. Same audio as headsets, but offer more protection. Our own designed electronics offer much clearer audio com for high-noise/open cockpit or two-stroke use.

P. O. Box 146
Almond, WI 54909-0146

Phone: 715/366-7093
Fax: 715/366-7091

Classic Air Supply
EconoCom intercom system is a self-contained, two-place intercom with two headsets specifically for non-radio.

801 S. Lincoln
Marshfield, WI 54449

Phone: 715/387-3057

Aviation Communications, Inc.
AVCOMM's line of high performance portable intercoms is durable, dependable and easy to operate. The intercoms feature a compact size that is easy to pack in your flight bag.

1025 W. San Bernardino Rd.
Covina, CA 91722

Phone: 800/845-7541
Fax: 626/332-7563

Aviation Audio Systems
AEROTALK intercom systems. AT202-D panel mount or AT100-B portable (may also be used as a fixed unit.) Super-smooth individual voice-operating with no choppiness. Full radio transmit/receive, auxiliary input with autofade function.

P. O. Box 75-593 Manurewa
Auckland , New Zealand

Phone: 0064 25-065926
Fax: 775/306-6800

UK manufacturer of intercoms/helmets/strobes/antenna's/rectifier, regulators, etc

, U.K.

Phone: 1228 282830
Fax: 1228287241

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Zodiac 601XLB N601LL was first flown on September 12, 2018. It took 11 years from start to finish with numerous long breaks interspersed for other of life's priorities. The LL in the tail number is for my wife of 47 years, Linda Lou, who unfortunately did not survive to see its completion. I chose to …
kincaid rv-12Our Van's RV-12 E-LSA was completed September 2018. I am a first-time builder, and it took three year build working week-ends only. The plane sports dual Garmin G3X, and an auto pilot. --Richard and Sissy Kincaid, Jonesboro Arkansas

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At Sun 'n Fun 2016, Dynon continued to push into the world of non-certified avionics with its SkyView SE, a less expensive version of its popular SkyView EFIS system. Paul Bertorelli prepared this video report.
The G5 is a self-contained electronic flight instrument, which can be interfaced with Garmin's G3X/Touch avionics and autopilot for backup and flight instrument redundancy. The GMA245 and remote GMA245R Bluetooth audio panels have advanced entertainment input functions and onscreen programming.
At Sun 'n Fun 2016, Just Aircraft is showing off its new Titan-powered SuperSTOL XL. Harrison Smith took Paul Bertorelli for a half-day demo flight in the new airplane, and here's his video report.
Kit manufacturer Zenith Aircraft Company has released a new 360-degree VR short video to showcase its kit aircraft and to promote the rewarding hobby of kit aircraft building and flying light-sport aircraft.
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