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Supplier Directory: Lighting

Whelen Engineering Co., Inc.
Single strobes, 2 and 3-light systems; green, red and white navigational lights; post lights, cockpit utility lights and various landing and taxi lights.

Route 145
Chester, CT 6412

Phone: 860/526-9504
Fax: 860/526-2005

UMA. Inc.
Made in the USA.; Lighting is our specialty with high quality service. FAA/PMA certified lighting systems. Specializing in mechanical and electrical instrumentation lighting using electro-luminescent for Lightsport, Experimental and General Aviation.

260 Main St.,, P. O. Box 100
Dayton, VA 22821

Phone: 540/879-2040
Fax: 540/879-2738

TERFLIGHT solid state aircraft lighting systems; safer, more efficient.

3588 Plymouth Road, #232
Ann Arbor, MI 48105

Phone: 248/210-8009

TCW Technologies, LLC.
Electrical Systems

2955 Main Road East
Emmaus, PA 18049, USA

Phone: 610/928-3420

Precise Flight, Inc.
Pulselite flashes existing lights on aircraft for better recognition.

63120 Butte Rd.
Bend, OR 97701

Phone: 800/547-2558
Fax: 541/388-1105

Linda Lou Inc.
Aeroflash, GE and Whelen.

P. O. Box 18255
Memphis, TN 38181-0255

Phone: 800/824-9912
Fax: 901/365-9524

Kuntzleman Electronics
Anti-collision strobe systems, both single and dual, all operate in a double wink pattern.

1660 South Hanover
Pottsdown, PA 19465

Phone: 610/326-9068
Fax: 610/970-9078

Instruments and Flight Research, Inc.
Under the glareshield lighting for single and twin panel lighting.

2716 George Washington Blvd.
Wichita, KS 67210-1585

Phone: 316/684-5177
Fax: 316/684-0140

Illusion Aircraft Strobe Co.
Illusion strobes are too bright to be used at night--use for daylight safety only; 2-year warranty; works on ultralight engines with or without battery.

1681 Cheryl Way
Aptos, CA 95003

Phone: 831/688-9260
Fax: 831/688-4887

David Hoffman Products
Mod I mini-eyeball cockpit light, lifetime warranty; 1/2 ounce, warm white, used on Voyager's two record-setting flights.

HC 79, Box 102-H
Melba, ID 83641

Phone: 208/495-2307
Fax: 208/495-2307

Goodrich Avionics and Lighting Systems Div.
Aircraft lights: strobes, position lights, emergency systems; interior lighting.

5353-52nd St. SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49512-9704

Phone: 800/253-9525

Flight Data Systems
LC-40 Lighting Controllers; low cost, four-channel light dimming systems for experimental aircraft.

346 Keokuk St.
Petaluma, CA 94952, CA 04052, US

Phone: 831/325-3131

Eagle Air Aviation, Inc.
Electronic module to flash landing lights for better recognition.

2531 Pinewood Blvd.
Sebring, FL 33870

Phone: 863/471-0191
Fax: 863/471-1708

Britta Imports
Distributor of LED cockpit and instrument lighting products for experimental and production light aircraft, including "Pilot Lights" flexible LED lighting strips for full panel illumination. Available at Van's Aircraft, SteinAir, Aircraft Spruce, Chief Aircraft or direct from Britta.

470 Linares Ave.
Long Beach, CA 90803, CA 90803, USA

Phone: 214/626-9228

American Avionics, Inc.
GE, Whelen.

7033 Perimeter Rd. South
Seattle, WA 98108

Phone: 206/763-8530
Fax: 206/763-2036

UK manufacturer of intercoms/helmets/strobes/antenna's/rectifier, regulators, etc

, U.K.

Phone: 1228 282830
Fax: 1228287241

Aircraft Suppliers Company
Aircraft lights: strobes, position lights, emergency systems, interior lighting. GE and Whelen supplier.

P.O. Box 161667
Fort Worth, TX 76161

Phone: 800/888-0431
Fax: 817/626-1537

AeroLEDs offers a variety of LED aircraft lighting alternatives to the cvurrent automotive, Halogen and HID products. AeroLEDS' products offer features unavailable in conventional lighting.

1988 Mortimer Drive
Boise, ID 83712, USA

Phone: 208/850-3294

Aeroflash Signal
Manufacture strobe warning and navigation lights for homebuilt and experimental aircraft. Products include Nav/Strobe Kit, Nav/Strobe/Position Kit, Nav-light, Tail Position and Strobe Kit, Belly Strobe. Products also available for certain type certificate aircraft. Factory-direct support.

1715 W. Carroll Ave.
Chicago, IL 60612, USA

Phone: 312/733-3513

Homebuilder's Portal by KITPLANES
Photo by Richard VanderMeulen
Old Crow Huber RV-7AAfter six and a half years, I received an airworthiness certificate on August 2, 2018. The first two flights were on August 10, flown by my highly experienced RV friend, Tom Berge. I completed the flight testing in early October. I then flew the aircraft up to Hibbing, MN for a paint job at Midwest …
Zodiac 601XLB N601LL was first flown on September 12, 2018. It took 11 years from start to finish with numerous long breaks interspersed for other of life's priorities. The LL in the tail number is for my wife of 47 years, Linda Lou, who unfortunately did not survive to see its completion. I chose to …
kincaid rv-12Our Van's RV-12 E-LSA was completed September 2018. I am a first-time builder, and it took three year build working week-ends only. The plane sports dual Garmin G3X, and an auto pilot. --Richard and Sissy Kincaid, Jonesboro Arkansas

lycoming-thunderbolt-o-360-redAt Sun 'n Fun 2018 we interviewed Jeff Schans, Lycoming's Sales manager and we asked about the popular Thunderbolt Engines. Watch the short Product Minute video as Jeff describes the benefits of the Thunderbolt product line and what it means for the aircraft homebuilder.
Dynon Avionics' latest-generation SkyView integrated avionics called the SkyView HDX has a newly designed bezel and user controls for easier use while flying in turbulence, plus brighter displays and a reworked touch interface. Larry Anglisano takes a product tour of the HDX with Dynon's Michael Schoefield in this video.
At Sun 'n Fun 2016, Dynon continued to push into the world of non-certified avionics with its SkyView SE, a less expensive version of its popular SkyView EFIS system. Paul Bertorelli prepared this video report.
The G5 is a self-contained electronic flight instrument, which can be interfaced with Garmin's G3X/Touch avionics and autopilot for backup and flight instrument redundancy. The GMA245 and remote GMA245R Bluetooth audio panels have advanced entertainment input functions and onscreen programming.
At Sun 'n Fun 2016, Just Aircraft is showing off its new Titan-powered SuperSTOL XL. Harrison Smith took Paul Bertorelli for a half-day demo flight in the new airplane, and here's his video report.
Kit manufacturer Zenith Aircraft Company has released a new 360-degree VR short video to showcase its kit aircraft and to promote the rewarding hobby of kit aircraft building and flying light-sport aircraft.
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