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Supplier Directory: Parachutes

Strong Enterprises
Emergency parachutes for pilots, the para-cushion is comfortable and safe.

11236 Satellite Blvd.
Orlando, FL 32837

Phone: 407/859-9317
Fax: 407/850-6978

South Mississippi Light Aircraft Inc.
BRS parachutes.

1279 Marshall Smith Rd.
Lucedale, MS 39452

Phone: 601/947-4953
Fax: 601/947-4959

Precision Aerodynamics, Inc.
Rigging services, sales, aerodynamic decelerators.

P. O. Box 691
Dunlap, TN 37327

Phone: 423/949-4688
Fax: 423/949-5174

Para-Phernalia, Inc.
Comfortable emergency parachute systems for pilot use;various configurations for proper fit.

P. O. Box 3468
Arlington, WA 98223-3468

Phone: 360/435-7220
Fax: 360/435-7272

Nat'l Parachute Industries, Inc.
Back, seat and chair parachutes; thin, lightweight and comfortable.

47 E. Main St., Box 1000
Flemington, NJ 8822

Phone: 908/782-1646
Fax: 908/782-5638

Frazier Precision Instrument Company, Inc.
Frazier Differential Pressure Air Permeability Tester has become the defacto standard for measuring the permeability of porous materials.

025 Sweeney Drive
Hagerstown, MD 21740

Phone: 301/790-2585
Fax: 301/790-2589

Butler Parachute Systems, Inc.
Over 250 different container sizes and configurations. TSOC23d canopy certifications up to 1000 lb. gross weight atspeeds up to 240 KEAS.

P. O. Box 6098, 1820 Loudon Ave. NW
Roanoke, VA 24017-0098

Phone: 540/342-2501
Fax: 540/342-4037

Bohemican International
Slim back pack parachute ATL-88 is suitable for aircraft with limited cockpit space like gliders, special aerobatic aircraft or ultralights.

36 Buchanan Rd.
St. Catherine's, ONT , L2M 4R6 Canada

Phone: 905/935-4938

B.R.S. Inc.
Supplier of emergency parachute systems intended to carrythe entire airplane to earth in the event of variousairborne disasters. Well over 100 lives spared so far.

300 Airport Rd.
So. St. Paul, MN 55075

Phone: 612/457-7491
Fax: 612/457-8651

A.K.S. Inc.
Galaxy Rocket Systems (FSR), ballistic emergency parachutesintroduced at Sun 'n Fun 97.

P. O. Box 17161
Portland, OR 97217

Phone: 503/289-1491
Fax: 503/247-9207

Untitled Document Homebuilder's Portal by KITPLANES
Photo by Richard VanderMeulen
John Albritton after his First Flight of his Eze Jet. This day was a long time coming for me. Flying my own jet! This couldn't have been possible without the help and expertise of the Jet Guys. They don't understand the word impossible. If someone tells them it can't be done, they just laugh, and then they do it. This project was not without its …
Rich-Macrafic-RV-7A-N4956TRV-7A N4956T, after a 12-year build, flew for the first time on 10/09/2017 from KRST (Rochester, MN). Everybody talks about the "RV smile" after that first flight.  For me, that came on the second flight.  The first one was approached with trepidation, caused by the combination of a new plane that had never flown and …
After many years of both building and not building (about 50/50) N184GC (One RV-8 for Grandpa Christensen) and I made the maiden flight on April 22, 2015 from Santa Fe Municipal Airport, Santa Fe, NM. That was prior to paint and empty weight was 1,041 lb. Making the first flight in the airplane I built was …

Dynon Avionics' latest-generation SkyView integrated avionics called the SkyView HDX has a newly designed bezel and user controls for easier use while flying in turbulence, plus brighter displays and a reworked touch interface. Larry Anglisano takes a product tour of the HDX with Dynon's Michael Schoefield in this video.
At Sun 'n Fun 2016, Dynon continued to push into the world of non-certified avionics with its SkyView SE, a less expensive version of its popular SkyView EFIS system. Paul Bertorelli prepared this video report.
The G5 is a self-contained electronic flight instrument, which can be interfaced with Garmin's G3X/Touch avionics and autopilot for backup and flight instrument redundancy. The GMA245 and remote GMA245R Bluetooth audio panels have advanced entertainment input functions and onscreen programming.
At Sun 'n Fun 2016, Just Aircraft is showing off its new Titan-powered SuperSTOL XL. Harrison Smith took Paul Bertorelli for a half-day demo flight in the new airplane, and here's his video report.
Kit manufacturer Zenith Aircraft Company has released a new 360-degree VR short video to showcase its kit aircraft and to promote the rewarding hobby of kit aircraft building and flying light-sport aircraft.
Whether you are upgrading the audio system in an older LSA or experimental or building a new project, PS Engineering and Garmin have non-certified audio panels equipped with advanced features better suited for smaller cabins.
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