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Table of Contents

October 2017 Issue

Flight Reports

Get Radical!

Murphy’s latest is all about fun. By Paul Dye.

Builder Spotlight

Changing a Perfectly Good Airplane

Designing and building a modified RANS S-9, part 1. By Michael Ryer and John Wells.

Landing Gear Guru

A visit with Robbie Grove of Grove Aircraft Landing Gear Systems. By Eric Stewart.

Static Port Location and Altitude Calibration

Often a challenge, accuracy depends on three things: location, location, location. By Reinhard Metz.

So You’d Like to Go Faster

Secrets for reducing drag, part 2. By Dave Anders.

Getting Your Plane Ready for the DAR

Common pitfalls and problems that builders face. By Dave Prizio.

Error Chain

The demise of the Cosmic Fish. By Lewis Bjork.

Build Your Own Leak-Down Tester

Converting a Harbor Freight compression tester for aircraft engine use. By Vince Homer.


Builders share their successes.

Ask the DAR

Phase I testing not completed, understanding operating limitations, non-TSO’d position lights. By Mel Asberry.

Shop Talk

The Creative Homebuilder

Make your own specialty wrenches. By KITPLANES® Staff.

Plane and Simple

Removing blind rivets. By Jon Croke.

Home Shop Machinist

Spin class. By Bob Hadley.

Aero ’Lectrics

So-lar, it’s been good to know you. By Jim Weir.


Pitted wheel bearing cup. By Vic Syracuse.

Shop Tips

Alodine Sluice

By Larry Larson

Fuel Dipstick and Holder

By Noel Fallwell

Clamp Stick

By David Paule

Designer's Notebook

Wind Tunnel

Gyroplanes, part 5. By Barnaby Wainfan.


Editor’s Log

While I’m in here…By Paul Dye.

Rear Cockpit

Fuel follies. By Tom Wilson.


Phase I maintenance. By Vic Syracuse.

Homebuilder's Portal by KITPLANES
Photo by Richard VanderMeulen
Old Crow Huber RV-7AAfter six and a half years, I received an airworthiness certificate on August 2, 2018. The first two flights were on August 10, flown by my highly experienced RV friend, Tom Berge. I completed the flight testing in early October. I then flew the aircraft up to Hibbing, MN for a paint job at Midwest …
Zodiac 601XLB N601LL was first flown on September 12, 2018. It took 11 years from start to finish with numerous long breaks interspersed for other of life's priorities. The LL in the tail number is for my wife of 47 years, Linda Lou, who unfortunately did not survive to see its completion. I chose to …
kincaid rv-12Our Van's RV-12 E-LSA was completed September 2018. I am a first-time builder, and it took three year build working week-ends only. The plane sports dual Garmin G3X, and an auto pilot. --Richard and Sissy Kincaid, Jonesboro Arkansas

lycoming-thunderbolt-o-360-redAt Sun 'n Fun 2018 we interviewed Jeff Schans, Lycoming's Sales manager and we asked about the popular Thunderbolt Engines. Watch the short Product Minute video as Jeff describes the benefits of the Thunderbolt product line and what it means for the aircraft homebuilder.
Dynon Avionics' latest-generation SkyView integrated avionics called the SkyView HDX has a newly designed bezel and user controls for easier use while flying in turbulence, plus brighter displays and a reworked touch interface. Larry Anglisano takes a product tour of the HDX with Dynon's Michael Schoefield in this video.
At Sun 'n Fun 2016, Dynon continued to push into the world of non-certified avionics with its SkyView SE, a less expensive version of its popular SkyView EFIS system. Paul Bertorelli prepared this video report.
The G5 is a self-contained electronic flight instrument, which can be interfaced with Garmin's G3X/Touch avionics and autopilot for backup and flight instrument redundancy. The GMA245 and remote GMA245R Bluetooth audio panels have advanced entertainment input functions and onscreen programming.
At Sun 'n Fun 2016, Just Aircraft is showing off its new Titan-powered SuperSTOL XL. Harrison Smith took Paul Bertorelli for a half-day demo flight in the new airplane, and here's his video report.
Kit manufacturer Zenith Aircraft Company has released a new 360-degree VR short video to showcase its kit aircraft and to promote the rewarding hobby of kit aircraft building and flying light-sport aircraft.
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