Aero Accessories Introduces Tempest Spin-on Oil Filters


Aero Accessories, manufacturers of the Tempest brand of vacuum pumps and fuel pumps, announced a new line of aviation spin-on filters. Called the Tempest Original Aviation Spin-on Oil Filter, the company says it introduces an improved version of a proven oil filter design.

According to the company, the filters feature the highest burst-pressure rating (700 psi) and more filtration media (311 square inches compared to 290) than its competitors. Improvements include a magnetic secondary filtration system that attracts steel particles too small to be filtered in the media.

All spin-on filter part numbers are FAA/PMA approved and are now available through Tempests network of distributors. The suggested retail price for a single oil filter $25, and $140 for a six-pack.

For more information, call 800/822-3200 or visit

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