AvWeb Bookstore Offers Jeppesen Manuals as e-Books


Aircraft Technical Book Company is now distributing Jeppesen pilot and maintenance training manuals in e-Book format in addition to the standard printed format.

E-Books give customers another choice in how to receive training materials. While many will always prefer the traditional book, the e-Book format has advantages, among which are instant shipping (a savings for international customers, distance learners and military personnel stationed overseas) in addition to no VAT tax, import or brokerage fees for international customers.

E-Books are delivered as single, high-quality Adobe .pdf files, and they are fully searchable, printable and environmentally friendly. They offer a “library in your laptop,” with electronic access to hundreds of manuals, and your reference needs easily available in the classroom or shop.

Current Jeppesen titles available as e-Books include:
Aviation Dictionary, Avionics Fundamentals, Gas Turbine Powerplants (text and workbook), Helicopter Maintenance (text and workbook), Fundamentals of Material Factors, Aircraft Sheet Metal, Aircraft Wheels & Brakes, Ignition & Power Systems, Aircraft Propellers and Controls, Aircraft Hydraulic Systems, Aircraft Fuel Metering Systems. The entire Jeppesen catalog should be available by the end of the year.

E-Books come with a customer satisfaction guarantee regarding both the content of the book and ability to successfully download and use the material. Technical assistance is available during regular business hours to assist with downloading. A free sample e-Book may be downloaded at Aircraft Technical Book Company.

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For more information, visit AvWeb bookstore.


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