Retirement Project

A backcountry Bearhawk built for comfort, cross-country cruising and cargo capacity.

Mike and Laura Starkey’s RANS S-21

Part 1: foundations of the build.

ADS-B and the Little Guy

ADS-B installation may be avoidable for many small homebuilts.

Aircraft Brakes

Some experiences and improvements.

Buying Used: Kitfox

Always in high demand, be ready to act fast when you find one you like.

Backcountry Cruzer

Gary Motley makes the most of the Zenith CH 750’s performance spectrum.

Where Have All the Homebuilts Gone?

Thousands of E/A-B aircraft have been removed from the rolls, but most of them haven’t existed for decades.

Checkered Past

Building the Bearcoupe from 3D plans.

Experimental Audio Panels: Sophisticated, Integrated

PS Engineering and Garmin have kit-focused audio systems for under $2000. They have generous feature sets and high-end audio quality.

Crimping Style

Repairing the cable on a Bose headset.

In Case You Missed it

Magnet Clamps

Use magnets to clamp parts.

Making a FABulous Project

This month we are going to wrap up the LED lighting project and (another...

ADS-B, Eh?

In the December 2019 issue of Kitplanes®, Larry Anglisano took us on a scenic...

Fly on One…Youll Understand.

Matt Hlavacs open-air Breezy is a simple, fun way to fly … and, oh, the view!