Ask the DAR

When can an ELSA be used commercially? Can an E/AB aircraft be certificated without a transponder?

Fiberglass Magic

Falco gear door project takes the mystery out of making custom parts.

Let’s Split!

The secret behind opening the Lycoming Crankcase. By Richard Keyt.

AKIA Industry Insights

Advice to designers and one designer's response.

Building a Hidden Oil Door Hinge and Latch

A different approach to a popular modification. By Brad Benson.

Nose Job!

Adding an aluminum spinner to an RV-7.

Finding Hidden Holes

Four methods that worked-and one that didn't.

Ask the DAR

RV-7A converted to RV-7, importing a Canadian ultralight to the U.S. and registering as an LSA.


Builders share their successes.

The Ins and Outs of Pre-buys

Dont buy a used Experimental aircraft without one (Part 2).

In Case You Missed it

Flying in the Ford World

Sage philosopher and aviation nut Uncle Ishmael explains how, for about the price of a 4-year-old Ford pickup truck, you can own a serviceable homebuilt aircraft. Youll probably have to forgo anything certified, and hone your scrounging skills, but when all is said and done, isn't getting up in the air flying better than sitting on the ground dreaming?

Free Flight

Paul Dye visits the hallowed halls of flight and reflects on the bond that exists between aviators past and present.


Dont Look!Dick Starks Dawn Patrol article, Were going to have to count that as...

Kit Stuff