Engine Build School

Class is in session at Superior-Part 1.

How the Pros Do It: Continental Mattituck

Continental Mattituck Services—continuing the tradition.

Inside Rotax

It's really a factory within a factory. The company leverages high-volume recreational engine output to help sustain its aircraft motors.

Formula 1

Getting 260 mph out of an O-200 Continental just for fun.

Taming the Lancair IV

Vortecx winglets make a glass speedster faster, slower, and safer.

Bendix and Beyond

Constant-flow fuel injection for Lycomings.

Magnetos For Half VW Engines

Points to ponder at replacement time.

Ask the DAR

Proving compliance with the 51% rule, licensing ELSA or E/A-B, using an LSA commercially.

Lycoming IO-390 Upgrade

Replacing an IO-360 in a Wheeler Express.

Vortex Generators on an RV-8

Do they really make a difference?

In Case You Missed it

Easy Hole Spacing

One of the curses of modern CAD technology is that designers can draw something...

Building the Bearhawk LSA

The noisy end.

MGL Infinity Singles

MGL Avionics/Stratomaster has cut a nice swath through the EFIS and discrete-electronic-instrument world. The company’s ALT-1, from its Infinity Singles line, makes a good, low-cost backup altimeter with a surprising list of features. By Marc Cook.

Ask the DAR

As a builder gets ready for his airworthiness inspection, he wonders if he can hire a DAR who is familiar with his design but lives in another state. And what if your airplane doesn't pass inspection?