APP in the Real World

Using the Additional Pilot Program for the first flight of an RV-10.

Vacuum-Bagging for Homebuilders

This month well go through the step-by-step vacuum-bagging process for an aileron trimtab part to see how to deal with extreme contours.


Converting a Strojnik S2A motorglider from gas to electric power.

Shop Made Tools

If you can build an aircraft, you can easily make your own tools.

Split Decision

Building a vertical-split cowl for an RV-7A.

The Airplane Van Didnt Want to Build

How the RV-6 became the most successful kit aircraft yet.

How to Use Your Oxygen System

Things to know before you go. By Gary Jones.

Build It Better: Where’s Your Margin?

How can you give yourself that margin of safety that you hope you'll never need?

Dare To Be Bare

After checking with a variety of aluminum polishing aficionados, author Bob Fritz came up with a winning combination for maintaining the shine on metal airplanes. He details not only which products to use, but also how to use them for maximum effectiveness with minimal elbow grease.

Rare Bird

A biplane designed in the 1920s inspires thoughts of aviations Golden Age, and for one pilot, its a perfect complement to his Aeronca Champ.

In Case You Missed it

Light Aircraft Fuel System Design

Part 1-if its not broken, don't fix it!

Maintenance Matters

Affordable borescope.

Alternative Energies

The inventive Mr. To. By Dean Sigler.


Digital Edition I really love KITPLANES, as it is one of the few...