Wind Tunnel

Design process: wing size and landing distance.

Wind Tunnel

Its easy to get carried away with new systems and technology that promise to make your airplane faster, smarter and even safer. But sometimes more is just more.

Wind Tunnel

Design Process-balance, part 2.

Design Process: Airfoils

Once the size and planform of the wing have been determined, it’s time to choose (or design) the airfoil.

Wind Tunnel

Horizontal tail design.

Wind Tunnel

It's in the book!

Wind Tunnel

Aeroelasticity—structure with a twist.

Design Process: Landing Gear, Part 5

For the past few editions of Wind Tunnel, we’ve been exploring the factors that drive the configuration and placement of landing gear. Last month...

Stressing Structure

Load distributions, part 2.

Wind Tunnel

How do the power-to-weight ratio, wing loading, drag effects and propeller choices affect an aircrafts climb rate and climb angle?

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Ask the DAR

What paperwork is necessary when a new owner makes an engine change? If floats are replaced with conventional gear, what does the change in gross weight mean for a plane's LSA status?

Quick-Drain O-Ring Change

By Bill Repucci.


Stephen Port's RV-8Here is my RV-8 that I completed in June 2017. I...