Wind Tunnel

How skin condition affects aircraft performance.

Stressing Structure

Algebra and the elevator control system.

Wind Tunnel

Design Process-balance, part 2.

Wind Tunnel

Nine simple rules, distilled from years of experience (making—and fixing—assorted mistakes), can help any aircraft designer avoid disaster.

Wind Tunnel

Gyroplanes, part 5.

Wind Tunnel

Barnaby Wainfan offers an explanation of how tail surfaces can be subject to flutter and how to avoid the potentially disastrous result.

Wind Tunnel

Avoiding the traps of bad engineering and construction.

Wind Tunnel

This month well look at another complex interaction between aerodynamics and aircraft structures that can cause structures to fail: fabric flutter.

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Basic Edge Treatments and Deburring

Basic edge treatments and deburring.

Kit Stuff: The Grandfather of the UAV

Drawing on experience: The Grandfather of the UAV

KITPLANES Virtual Round Table: Shops and Shop Spaces

Whether you build in a big box or a one-car garage, you can benefit from shop organization and tool selection.


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