Stressing Structure

Cable-operated aileron control system.

Wind Tunnel

Trike masts.

Wind Tunnel

Its an age-old duality: stability versus maneuverability. Many factors go into developing and building any aircraft, and the designers choices will affect a pilots workload, for good or ill. Among the topics discussed are trim, pitch stability and yaw stability;

Wind Tunnel

When the airflow separates from a surface, the result can be unsteady forces or turbulent wake shedding, neither of which is desirable.

Design Process: Planform Effects on Structure and Weight

Last month we took a look at how the planform of the wing affects the spanwise distribution of lift along the wing. The shape...

Wind Tunnel

Fasteners through an engineer’s eye.

Wind Tunnel: Offset hinge lines

Offset hinge lines.

Wind Tunnel

Design process, part 1-it all starts with the mission.

Wind Tunnel

This month columnist Barnaby Wainfan takes a look at how the airplane responds in roll when the pilot is maneuvering. Two key factors are roll acceleration and the steady-state roll rate.

Wind Tunnel

Youd think a V-tail would have much to offer over a conventional tail in both reduced drag and lower weight. But how does it really pan out?

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Throttle interference.

Big Talk

The standalone com radio lives on—smarter, more flexible and affordable than ever.

Cleco Pads

I recently painted the glareshield section of the top forward fuselage skin before...

The New Guy

Tips for Setting Up Shop. By David Boeshaar.