Free Flight

Thousands of hours of flight time in a pilots logbook are no guarantee of superior skill-or superior judgment.

What’s New

Garmin offers a GTN 750 training app for iPads; Dynon Avionics and Pocket FMS announce availability of worldwide AeroData for SkyView EFIS; KITPLANES® bookstore offers eBooks ready for iPad and Android.

Free Flight

When wiring up a homebuilt aircraft, it pays to ask: What do I want to protect myself from?

Alternative Energies

Experimental Soaring Workshop: This annual gathering of designers and builders of sailplanes, hang gliders and paragliders is an idea festival, and a must-attend event for enthusiasts. By Dean Sigler.

What’s New: Garmin’s Bold Experimental Push

New equipment from Garmin’s Team X is tailored to the experimental builder’s budget.

What’s New

Strut camera mount from Aircraft Spruce. By KITPLANES® Staff.


Unique aspects of insurance for homebuilts. By Jerry Eichenberger.

Editor’s Log

Have you asked why?


Props and ignition systems.

Editor’s Log

Failure of imagination.

In Case You Missed it

Where the Rubber Meets the Runway

Understanding gyroplane nosewheels. By Roy Beisswenger.

Weigh and Balance Each Addition

Weigh and balance each addition.

So You Want to Buy a Used Homebuilt?

Its not always as easy as it seems.

No Trip to the Mall

The homebuilt insurance shopping experience.