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Editor-in-Chief Marc Cook looks at the potential impact on GA of Lycomings new IE2 engine that features electronic engine management.

The Dawn Patrol

It’s The Great Pumpkin Drop Charlie Brown!

Free Flight

Sometimes those little modifications can add up to big consequences.

Around the Patch

Editor-in-Chief Marc Cook sees progress and potential in developing electric motor and battery technology.

Rag Wing Roots

These days, I seem to be associated mostly with metal airplanes, RVs in particular. Just take a look at that byline down there—I have...

Light Stuff

Freedom from airports: takeoffs off and landings where there aren’t normal runways. By Roy Beisswenger.

Around the Patch

Those who plan to build an aircraft from a kit would do well to visit the factory and get to know not only the owners but also the operation. So counsels Editor-in-Chief Marc Cook, whose recent visit to the RANS factory left him favorably impressed. RANS manufacturing is diversified to weather the ups and downs of the market, and the company knows what works and sticks to it.

Aero ‘lectrics

Regular regulations.

Rear Cockpit

A place for her.

Editor’s Log

Indistinguishable from magic.

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What’s New

The 6000th RV flies, there's a new quick reference checklist for Garmin portable units, and a new engine mount for Rotax engines is available. Edited by Mary Bernard.

Wind Tunnel

Getting it wrong.

Editor’s Log

Eyes On.


stein bruchStarting the new year, we welcome Stein Bruch back to resume his extremely...