Aero ’lectrics

Vizz-war: A little drop’ll do ya.

The One-Two Punch

Placing drilled holes exactly where you want them.


Improper routing.

Home Shop Wheel-ee

Home shop wheel-ee.

Calculating Weight and Balance

Tackling weight-and-balance calculations is a task we have all faced with some trepidation, but it is so vital, so important, so fundamental to flight...

Plane and Simple

Filling without spilling.

Aero ‘lectrics

Get the LED out.

Home Shop Machinist

Cure for the common threadache.

Marking a Constant Gap

Save time and effort marking a uniform trim distance. By KITPLANES® Staff.

The Creative Homebuilder

Make your own pull tester.

In Case You Missed it

What’s New

TCW Technologies announces two new products, ChartFlier introduces a low-cost entry to the ADS-B market, and a veteran airshow performer pilots the SubSonex jet on its maiden flight.

Small Screens, Big Deal

Just as we wrapped up our big-screen EFIS buyer’s guide in this issue, Garmin...


Builders share their successes.

Firewall Forward: Ignition Systems

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines...but how? Dave Prizio considers some of the choices.