Solder It Up

We are almost to the end of our romp through the solder pads. We’ve learned about the solder itself, and now it is time...


I love to look at the beautiful work and magnificent instrument panels that our KITPLANES® readers show us in these pages. But I also...

Shop-made Blind Rivet Nut

Blind rivet nuts, also called rivnuts, rivet nuts or insert nuts, are a clever way to add threaded bosses to thin-wall sheet metal structures...

Metal Magic: A Quick Look at Edge Rolling

This short episode of Metal Magic provides some quick tips on the most effective ways to get sheetmetal to "lay down" properly. KITPLANES editor...

Plane and Simple

Locate that hole-precisely!

Aero ‘lectrics

Jim Weir wraps up the Back Yard II wind tee project, illumination and all.

Maintenance Matters: Aircraft Fasteners

Holding it all together. An introduction to aircraft fasteners.

Aero ‘lectrics

Proper sizing and selection of the wire that goes into an aircraft can have a profound effect on the efficacy of the installation.

The Straight Cut

Building a metal aircraft? You’re probably going to be cutting a bunch of sheet metal parts from time to time. If you are not...

Eliminating Egg-Shaped Holes

Quarter-inch pilot bits in hole saws have a tendency to enlarge the pilot hole as they cut. The result is an egg-shaped hole because...

In Case You Missed it

Build Your Skills: Composites (Part 9)

Dont let pesky pinholes ruin your homebuilt project. There is a way to deal with them, and author Bob Fritz describes how. Hint: To start with, cleanliness is always a good thing in the shop.

Engine Theory: Oil System Design

Exploring the components that keep your engine alive.

Wind Tunnel

When unexpected drag is an issue, the cause could be gaps in the skin of your airplane. A simple seal might solve the problem.

Landing Light Cutout

Go slow and use the right tools.