Aero ‘lectrics

How do you condition a battery not in regular use to extend its lifetime? Run it down and then charge it back up. Jim Weir explains how to achieve this with about $10 worth of parts.

Aero ‘lectrics

Jim Weir continues his explanation of how to make any cell phone power up a remote electrical device.

Fuel Dipstick and Holder

The first photo shows the fuel dipstick I made in its holder, and below that is the fuel sample tester for my Van's...

ELT Enlightenment

I had another subject’s full column in hand for this issue, but when I get half a dozen questions in the space of a...

Drill Guides for Mass Production

A faster way to add rivet holes to piano hinge.

Maintenance Matters

Dont call it an annual, but do it every year.

Improper Deburring

It is really important to remove the burrs that are created when drilling through aluminum prior to riveting. Otherwise the rivets will not get...

The Creative Homebuilder

Make your own upright Cleco pliers.

Hose Protection

Ishmael Fuentes shows you how to protect and cool the hoses in your engine compartment by making a firesleeve.

Can You Keep It Together?

Part of your aircraft kit-building journey will require you to temporarily fasten various components together. For example, maintaining precise alignment while drilling parts that...

In Case You Missed it

Subsonex paint

Turbine Temptation: Adding Some Color

John Stahr performs airbrush magic on the jet.

Flight Testing

Even current pilots need to hone specific skills before attempting a first flight in their homebuilts. There's only one way to do that: practice. And then practice some more.

Full of Hot Air

A custom-built ultralight hot air balloon that fits in an RV-7.


Intake Valve Failure"Error Chain" in the September 2016 issue is a great article, with...