Practical Electrical

Wire termination science, part 1.

Improper Bolt Length

A bolt should extend beyond the nut by 1–3 threads. If it is any longer, then the next size shorter bolt should be used....

Loose Intake Pipe

Sometimes the intake pipes on Lycoming engines can come loose. This will cause an intake leak, usually indicated by a rough idle and higher...

Aero ‘lectrics

Jim Weir continues his explanation of how to make any cell phone power up a remote electrical device.

The New Guy

Getting the spark back. By David Boeshaar.

Aero ‘lectrics

The Romex Ranger.

Clamp Stick

By David Paule

Cables and Pulleys

Even though many planes have most of their flight controls actuated by pushrods and bellcranks, for the rest of us cables and pulleys do...

Home Shop Machinist

The vise squad.

Aero ‘lectrics

If you've got sticker shock after shopping for a main electrical system junction box, Jim Weir will ease your pain with a junction box you can build (and a cool color-coding system, to boot).

In Case You Missed it

Aero ‘lectrics

A sound decision.

Aircraft Records and Logbooks

What's required for Experimental/Amateur-Built Aircraft?

Firewall Forward: Carburetors and Troubleshooting

In the next installment of KITPLANES Firewall Forward sponsored by Tempest editor at large...

Effect of Fairings on Speed

Compared to the high cost of horsepower, reducing drag is a much less expensive way to go faster.