Hartzell Propeller Sponsors Tech Talks, Pilot Proficiency & Air Shows at...

Propellers will be everywhere at EAA AirVenture 2018, to be held July 23-29. With more than 500,000 Hartzell props manufactured and flown over the...

Garmin GDL 52 all-in-one portable ADS-B and SiriusXM

Garmin's all-in-one GDL 52 portable aviation receiver is now available, the company says. The GDL 52 is the first portable receiver capable of receiving...

Dickson Confirmed As New FAA Administrator

In a vote along party lines, the Senate approved the nomination of former Delta VP of flight pperations Steve Dickson as the next FAA...

Garmin Pilot adds suite of new tools for Apple mobile devices

Garmin announced integrated weight and balance calculations, as well as aircraft performance tables and calculations within the Garmin Pilot app on Apple mobile devices. Also new to Garmin Pilot, Freehand flight planning allows for quick and easy flight plan editing from the moving map page.

Sonex Introduces Rotax Engine Mount Attach Bars

Sonex Aircraft introduced a new product: Rotax Engine Mount Attach Bars. Developed for Sonex/Rotax 912-series engine mounts, AeroConversions Rotax Attach Bars can also be used for custom Rotax 912 engine mounts on any experimental aircraft.

Zenith Fly In to Summer: June 20, 2015

Informal gathering of Zenith enthusiasts having fun, growing the sport The long tradition of builder camaraderie and help that is the hallmark of Zenith Aircraft...

EAA’s Pioneering Affordable Safety STC Process Has Another Success Story: TruTrak...

The supplemental type certificate process that the Experimental Aircraft Association pioneered in 2016 has set the stage for another success story, as EAA affiliate...
Garmin Pilot App version 10

Garmin Updates Pilot App

A seamless transition from tablet to cockpit is the theme of Garmin’s updates to the Pilot app announced today. In particular, the new features...

BRS Whole Aircraft Parachute for Van's RV-10

  BRS Aerospace has developed a whole aircraft parachute rescue system on Van's RV-10 homebuilt aircraft. The company is accepting orders for the system, which...

Vertical Power Systems Introducing "Primary Power System" at AirVenture

The new Vertical Power Primary Power System (PPS) for experimental and light-sport aircraft combines the functions of multiple high current, electro-mechanical components into a single, solid-state device.

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Learning to Weld

Ken Scott's series on welding closes with an afterword from his mentor, Philip Groelz, who explains why TIG welding is the way to go.

Understanding and Avoiding Spins

A pilots ability to recover from a spin depends just as much on the design characteristics of the airplane as on stick-and-rudder skills.

Aero ‘lectrics

A reVOLTing development.

Evaluating a Used Engine

How do you decide, without taking an engine completely apart, whether or not it will give you at least several years of good service?