Three Miles in Smoke and Haze

The top of that mountain is just about three miles from the front of my hangar--and this iPhone picture is making the visibility look better than it appears to the naked eye. Such is how we'll start out our Oshkosh trip if the smoke persists until morning.

BRS Thoughts

I occasionally receive notes requesting information on ballistic recovery systems for E-AB aircraft, and questions on why you don't see more articles in Kitplanes...


No airplane is perfect right out of the box--that is, really, why we test them isn't it? Of course, there are lots of kits...

Nose Job

There comes a time in every plane's life when you just have to take her down for maintenance. Our RV-3B is probably the most...

The Value of Heeding Directions

As builders, we are generally good at doing the research: reading directions, poring over plans and diagrams and generally trying to figure stuff out...

What Do I Call It?

According to all of the Facebook reminders popping up on my feed, its been almost exactly two years since I did the first flight...

Something Different

No, it's not experimental - but it is a little different. It's not often I find a J-3 Cub with a 100 horse C-85...

It Flies!

With a fresh airworthiness certificate in hand, pre-fight inspections complete, and gorgeous spring weather (cool with no winds) in the Smith Valley, there was...

Commentary: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Epic? UPDATED

The winding road traveled by Epic Aircraft rounded what could be the last bend today. On Wednesday, April 7, the bankruptcy judge received a proposal that would, in essence, put a consortium of Epic LT builders in the driver's seat.

A Collection of Engines

Poring over press releases from all "Big Three" piston aircraft engine manufacturers got me thinking about the engines I have out in my own hangar, hanging off our stable of airplanes.

In Case You Missed it

Kit Stuff

Drawing on experience; by cartoonist Robrucha.

Maintenance Matters

In Part 2 of his discussion, Steve Ells delves into more detail about patching, repairing or replacing aircraft aluminum.

Wind Tunnel

Sometimes adding accoutrements, paint, interior embellishments and other must-haves can result in a weight penalty that is difficult to overcome.

Aircraft Wiring

Instrument panel switch layout for Experimental aircraft. By Marc Ausman.