Front Seal Tool

How many of you have replaced the front crankshaft seal on a Lycoming engine? Yeah....I see a lot of hands up, which is what...

Adding Rigor

Getting some formal training is always beneficial, whether it is in the air or on the ground, because we should always keeping learning. Whether you decide to make the leap to an A&P certificate after a lifetime of working on airplanes, or simply attend a weekend workshop on aircraft wiring - learning is good, because it opens our minds to the fact that nope, we will never know it all.

Dropping in on Synergy

Synergy Air started out as a Builder Assist facility in Eugene Oregon, and now is the builder for Van's Aircraft of their SLSA RV-12s....


There are a few fundamentals when it comes to aviation weather that many pilots never really get taught. These have nothing to do whatsoever...

Up to Date?

If you own a Lycoming Engine, you probably think of it as a piece of tired and true technology that has been around for so long there is not much anyone can discover that is new. And... you'd be wrong!

Choice and Consequences

Our choice was to build an RV-3 - an airplane that we have thoroughly enjoyed for just about 600 hours of flying now. The consequence - an RV-3 has very little room between the back of the engine and the firewall.

Old Dog… New Trick?

So I opened a fresh box of Tempest oil filters today, and on top of the filters was the notice that you see in...

Two “Fly-ins”

Not too many days ago, a dry lakebed near our home became the temporary residence of about 70,000 people as the annual Burning Man...


There's a countdown clock at EAA Headquarters, and today it showed just 87 days and some-odd hours until the start of AirVenture 2019. In...

What's in the Box?

Today, as part of a class taught by Gary Reeves (of on how to master the Avidyne IFD 440/540 IFR navigators, we paid...

In Case You Missed it

Alternative Energies

Electric vehicles and aircraft may be the future, but how will we create the energy to power them while minimizing environmental damage? By Dean Sigler.

Around the Patch

Taking a measured, conservative approach to the development of new technologies and basing decisions on real-world experience rather than hearsay is the best way to move forward in homebuilding.

Aero ‘lectrics

Weir's wires.

Aero ‘lectrics

Get the LED out.