Choice and Consequences

Our choice was to build an RV-3 - an airplane that we have thoroughly enjoyed for just about 600 hours of flying now. The consequence - an RV-3 has very little room between the back of the engine and the firewall.

LeRoy Cook's Tour: Rainy Days and Thursdays

It occurs to me that there are two Oshkosh rain modes. The first kicks in when rain erupts with a certain amount of warning...

Back in the Saddle

Two weeks is a long time for me to go without flying. It doesn't happen very often - even most of the time when...

Ari’s Reno 2022 VLOG – Ep. 2

Episode two! Here is some footage of my perspective of Monday through Wednesday at the National Championship Air Races (NCAR) in Reno, Nevada. As...

Commentary: Homebuilt Aircraft Safety Picture Blurred by Bad Data

When a Lancair IV-P lost power, began leaking oil over the windscreen and eventually landed on a Florida beach, the subsequent crash set off...

Speaking of Kneeboards

I normally fly with a compact, fabric kneeboard that wraps around my thigh with an elastic Velcro strap. Been using these for years -...

A Building Epidemic!

It seems that new kit starts in our neighborhood are blossoming.

Hate It When I Do That!

First things first - this is in no way Aircraft Spruce’s fault! Nope, this is totally on me - they sent exactly what I...

Tools Making Tools

One thing about homebuilders - we love to make things! Just about any project will do, as long as there is stuff to figure...

Yup, its an Oshkosh Plane

How can you tell this plane has been to Oshkosh (or, to be fair, maybe Sun 'n Fun)? By looking in the passenger side...

In Case You Missed it

Light Aircraft Fuel System Design

Part 3-one type doesn't fit all.

The Big Bearhawk

Bearhawk 5: more room, more horsepower…more everything.

Kit Stuff

Editor’s Log

Inspect, detect, correct.