Is That Bolt Hollow?

Why yes…yes it is! One of the clever inventions we ran into at AirVenture this year was on display at the Click Bond booth. Click...

Green Bananas

I like to cruise high because it is generally smoother, cooler, and you have a better view of the weather around you. And I...

Awww Nuts!

The picture sort of speaks for itself, doesn't it? A long-ago completed stabilizer for our Xenos motor glider project, carefully stored in the hangar...

Look Ma – No Wings!

Something changed radically in the shop this past week - a milestone came and passed - and so did those huge long wings for...

Back In the (jet) Saddle Again!

Loki got back in the air again today, the first time in just over two months. Back in the first week of November, an...

You’ve Done Your Duty

Nothing lasts forever.

Favorite Tools

I was working on a part for our Xenos the other day - a fairly complicated bracket to hold an idler bell crank that...

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