Lincoln TIG Welding Class at Sun ‘n Fun

Three weeks ago no one really knew if there was going to be any welding presence at all at Sun 'n Fun. There were...

Van’s Redesigns FAB Airbox for Carbureted Models

Rian Johnson, President and Chief Technical Officer at Van’s Aircraft, is a hands-on kind of leader. Not many people know it, but Rian build...

TCW Technologies AirVenture 2021 Update

Bob Newman from TCW Technologies shows us the TCW integrated battery backup system.

Adjustable Air Inlet

Sam Swift of Nashville, Tennessee has some nifty cooling ideas on his Pitts S1-D race plane. One of the more obvious are interchangeable engine air...

Homebuilt Parking Prepping for Action

The show does not start until Tuesday, but the Sun 'n Fun homebuilt parking crew is ready for action. While other GA aircraft are...

A Boot “What’s-it?”

While trolling through the bins of assorted parts and treasures at the B&B Airparts booth today, we ran across this odd piece of rubber...

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Home Shop Machinist

Cool tools for lathe work.


Builders share their successes.

The Effects of Ignition Advance on Cylinder Head Temperature, Speed, and Efficiency

If a little is good, more is better, and too much should be just about right. Not!

Wind Tunnel

Design process-tail volume. By Barnaby Wainfan.