Garmin to Offer Online Training

Garmin has announced the expansion of its eLearning computer-based training program and will soon offer training through an online portal. Starting in late November, customers for the first time will be able to access online training for the GPS MAP 396, 496 and 695/696, and the G1000.

Phillips Introduces New Multi-Weight Oil

Phillips 66’s new combines the multi-viscosity, ashless-dispersant oil pilots are familiar with (as Phillips X/C) with the Lycoming LW-16702 additive. Previously, only Shell...

When Training and Reading Glasses Clash

Anyone pursuing instrument training will log plenty of hood time, usually with frosted IFR training glasses. But doing this while wearing reading glasses can...

Homebuilts Well Represented at Pylon Racing School!

Reno's Stead Field, home of the National Championship Air Races every September, is alive with the sounds of fast airplanes this week as the...

Zenith Prepares to Ship One Week Wonder Kit to AirVenture

EAA's program to build a complete aircraft during AirVenture-Oshkosh 2014 moved a step closer this week. Zenith Aircraft President Sebastien Heintz has put the...

Tempest Easy Drain Tool

Spotted a great tool in the Superior booth, designed to drain the oil from a horizontal oil filter. Just clamp it on, attach a...

In Case You Missed it

Ask the DAR

This month our DAR answers questions about the size and placement requirements for N numbers on Experimental aircraft.

Simulating Emergencies

Given the aviation accident statistics, its wise to stay sharp between flights, and one way to do that is to practice on a simulator. While that used to be cost prohibitive, todays simulators not only work well on your home computer, they offer homebuilt designs to fly; by Chuck Bodeen.

Alternative Energies

Making those final connections. By Dean Sigler.


Cub for the Linemen In your Cub Comparison story (March 2011), the author...