Van’s RV-8: Sport Plane Standard Setter

The RV-8 arguably is the standard sport plane of our era. As we went to press in early July, there were 714 RV-8s flying among the 5200 RVs of all types. The only models with larger fleets samong RVs are the -4 and the -6/6A. It trails the -4 by 500 units, but you could easily see the RV-8 making up the gap in its lifetime, especially now that the whole kit is built with pre-punched (or matchhole) components. It has set the standard--in performance and handling--for today's sport planes.


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Building and Flying an RV-8

For pilots brought up with standard certified aircraft, the RV-8 will plaster a grin on their face that can’t be washed off and rarely fades.

Low Compression

Usually, we look for something greater than 60/80 when doing compression checks on Lycoming...