Cory Emberson


Now that office mate Rick Lindstrom has another kit project in his mitts-oops, did we tell the missus before you, Rick?-Corys newfound tool skills may come in handy. Last summer, she attended a host of short workshops at Oshkosh, trying to find her mechanical sweet spot, as it were. (Leave that alone, guys.) Her report on metal, fabric and composites classes begins on Page 44.



Dave Higdon


Dave travels far and wide as a long-time aviation journalist, so the subject of survival skills-what to pack, how to use it-was never far from his curiously sloping frontal lobes. Because we all tend to focus on the building and test-flying, knowing what to bring on that first long cross-country of the year gets lost like a Cleco in a chip storm. Never fear, Daves here to help; see Page 17.



Rick Lindstrom 


Pestering pays. Contributor Rick Lindstrom, working on a weather deadline last fall, kept the editors email inbox full of entreaties to go fly the Dream Tundra on floats before the snow began to fall. Reprising, in effect, his trip to the factory in 2004, Lindstrom found more fun on the water than any working stiff ought to have, just barely missing the onset of Canadas wintry slumber. His report begins on Page 8.



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