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May 2021

On the cover: Photo illustration by Dan Maher. Clockwise from top: Van’s RV-14, Steen Skybolt, Zenith STOL CH 750, Kitfox S7 STI, Sonex Waiex-B, Spectre Radial Rocket RG. Background photo...
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I Need Help—Where Do I Look?

...easy way to learn from builders who have already accomplished the task you may be struggling with. Manufacturer Forum Address Glasair Aviation glasair-owners.com Kitfox Aircraft teamkitfox.com RANS Aircraft ransclan.com Sonex...

One Piece at a Time

...October 1991, July 1992 and April 1993. The list included the Kitfox, Glasair, RANS, RV-3, Pazmany, and Falco. To winnow the list, he compared his accumulated skills to the airplanes’...

Round Fantasies

...small radials. Besides the usual Hatz, Kitfox and WW-I replicas Watrous is finding antique airplane owners are seeking ways to use the larger Verners as the original engines lose viability...

Museum of Flying Art

...For sure an Avid Flyer is needed to simultaneously denote the beginning of the light Rotax and backcountry flying movement, although its Kitfox derivative is no doubt also required due...

STOL Drags

...the vest, walkie-talkie and the 1000 watt smile making sure the hot rodded Kitfoxes run on time. Quinn was quick to point us the STOL Drag’s poster queen, Nat Esser....

Archive: January 1992

...had a Lycoming O-290), a Hi-MAX, an Avid Flyer, a Longster III, a Pro-Tech PT-2, a Loehle 5151, a Quickie-Plus, a Kriket Mk-2, a Kitfox, a Hiperlight and a Challenger....

Inline and V Four-Stroke

...lead-scavenging additives with these engines if run on 100LL avgas. Multiple firewall-forward kits and supporting parts are available from Viking to support these engines in Zenith, RANS, Van’s, Kitfox, GlaStar...

Viewing Dead Cow

...by the less numerous Bearhawks and Murphy Moose. Kitfoxes, RANS and Highlanders were also never too far away, with the proceedings spiced by the odd Pilatus, pot-bellied Kodiak and distinctly...

Finding the Proper Prop

...Factory (USA), Custom Flight Creations, Kitfox LLC, Kaolin Aviation Services, RANS Aircraft and Rocky Mountain Kitplanes. AXSport Aviation AXSport Aviation Donald Williamson, CEO of South Africa’s AXSport Aviation, reports that...

In Case You Missed it

Gathering at Gardner

Dick and Sharon Starks bring the Morane to the Gathering of Eagles WW-I replica fly-in. Where The Dawn Patrol goes, adventure follows.

Joining Two Small Wires

By David Boeshaar.

Lancair Evolution

When Joe Bartels bought the company from founder Lance Neibauer in 2003, he knew it was time for a change. The goal was to find a high-performance aircraft that could be flown by the average pilot in the target market. The solution can be found in the company's newest product, the Pratt & Whitney-powered turbine Evolution; by Doug Rozendaal.

Avionics Special: Garmins G3X

Garmins latest entry to the EFIS market lives up to the company's reputation for providing value for the price. By Marc Cook.