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Round Fantasies

...small radials. Besides the usual Hatz, Kitfox and WW-I replicas Watrous is finding antique airplane owners are seeking ways to use the larger Verners as the original engines lose viability...

Insurance Update: Experimentals and LSAs

...higher-performance aircraft such as a Glasair, Lancair or RV, or trading down to a more sedate homebuilt such as a Zenith 601, 650 or a low-and-slow Kitfox. Because Falcon seeks...

Down to Earth

...Airline Transport Pilot rating, multi-engine and single-engine flight instructor ratings, as well as glider and rotorcraft (gyroplane) ratings. Shes helped with the build up of her Kitfox IV and RV-10....

25th Anniversary: Rutan’s Take

...more than 555 complete HAPI engines. Dan Denney moved on from being the first customer for the Avid Flyer to starting his own company to produce the Kitfox. Over the...


...building and flying never gets old—here the author takes his latest Kitfox on its first flight. When I hand over the Airworthiness Certificate to a builder, I can’t tell who...

Kit-Aircraft Manufacturers: Okay So Far (UPDATED)

...Kitfox Aircraft continues to work. “First of all, we’re making sure all of our employees are well,” says John McBean, company owner. “We have a large enough work space that...

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