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Kitfox Cutaway on Display at Oshkosh

...Kitfox Aircraft set up a cutaway of a complete airplane. This provides an opportunity to see a Kitfox skeleton that a finished product doesn’t offer. The company is also displaying...

Meeting the Kitfox Aircraft Family

Kitfox Aircraft’s John McBean takes us on a tour of the Kitfox family at AirVenture 2021. While they may look similar, the three core models of Kitfox (Supersport, STI and...

Saupe Kitfox

My wife Shelli and I started our Kitfox III kit October 19th of 2014. Thanks to the generous help of our local EAA Chapter (602) technical counselors and flight advisor,...

Dave Armando’s Kitfox Speedster Model V

After 6 years of building my 2001 Kitfox Speedster Model V was flown. Equipped with a Jabiru 3300 120 hp 6 cylinder, swinging an IVO medium constant speed prop, my...

Leedom/Hlavac KitFox Lite

N200HL started life as a KitFox Lite kit. The engine is a Rotax 503 with a 3.47:1 reduction. The motor mount, carbon full cowl and the gear legs with coil...

Gray Kitfox S7 STi

I started my Kitfox S7 STi build November 2018 and flew it November 2020. The guys at Kitfox have been extremely helpful along the way answering questions with their heavy...

Kitfox Aircraft Factory Tour

While the KITPLANES crew was horsing around in Homedale, Idaho, flying the riotously fun Super Sport with the Rotax 916 aboard, Kitfox owner John McBean took us on a tour...

Kitfox LSA Flight Test

Marc Cook reports on flying the Kitfox LSA.

Company Profile: Kitfox

Kitplanes editor Marc Cook profiles Kitfox during a visit to the company’s Homedale, Idaho headquarters....

Bucholz Kitfox Supersport N825CB

We bought our kit at the 2008 Copperstate Fly-in with the idea that we would complete the Kitfox in 2 years. “Life got in the way” and we completed it...

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