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Military Oxygen

...second stage as part of the worn equipment—and this has pros and cons. While incredibly compact and light, it is also not as controllable. It is designed as a pressure-demand...

Preparing for Your First Flight

...day with good weather and a minimum number of spectators. Lastly, think about using a chase plane, or not. There are pros and cons. I’ve never used one despite having...

Drill Blocks

Drill blocks can be made from a variety of materials and take on many different shapes. Fig. 1 Watch carefully next time one of the old pros makes a hole...

Rear Cockpit

...directing your questions. Look for published advice, the sort someone thought important enough to print on paper and distribute to the working pros out in the field. And yes, much...

STOL Mods: How Short Can You Go?

...landing is pretty short (and it is for most people), you haven’t seen anything until you watch these pros in action. At Valdez this year the top three Experimentals all...

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Safety Is No Accident: Buying a Previously Owned, Flying Homebuilt

Ron Wanttaja looks at the accident data to determine whether its safer to buy than build an Experimental, and he identifies the key factors to ensuring a successful outcome.

How Long Will it Take to Build?

Answers to homebuilding's most difficult question.

Metal Magic: Deburring

Holes are drilled so let's get them cleaned up and ready for fasteners. Paul...

Kit Stuff

Drawing on experience; by cartoonist Robrucha.