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Sporty’s Latest PJ2+

With more power, a better display and a noise limiter, Sporty’s improves a good design.

What’s Ahead?

As we close out 2022 (as I am writing this) and reflect on a year that showed both immense promise—people continue to build and...

Garmin Announces Free VFR Database Updates for G3X EFIS

Pilots love the capability of modern electronics instruments but for those needing period database updates, the cost of maintenance can be a sore spot....

Thoughts on My Glass Panel

Things I like, things I don’t and things I’d do differently.
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Trig’s New Nav/Coms

Trig’s new TX56 has smart features and good compatibility. A built-in GPS would make it better.

Small Screen Upgrade!

It’s a matter of Touch.

ForeFlight Sentry Plus

At AirVenture 2022 at Oshkosh, ForeFlight was showing a new portable ADS-B receiver called the...

Engine Monitors

Good options, but the installation is more important than the model.

PS Engineering Introduces PMA450C Audio Panel

We checked in with PS Engineering's Mark Scheuer for a quick tour of the new...

Advanced Flight Systems Introduces Upgraded EFIS

AFS's Rob Hickman describes what's new in the company AF-6600 large-screen EFIS, which includes a...

Trig’s New VHF Nav/Com Demo

Just when we thought the market has seen the end of the traditional VHF nav/com...

uAvionix Announces Remote Magnetometer

Since the beginning, the uAvionix AV-30 mini EFIS has had an internal magnetometer—the device used...

Big Screen EFIS 2022 Buyer’s Guide Table

Companion table for the Big Screen EFIS 2022 Buyer’s Guide.

Big Screen EFIS 2022 Buyer’s Guide

There are plenty of display options at all price points.