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uAvionix Announces Remote Magnetometer

Since the beginning, the uAvionix AV-30 mini EFIS has had an internal magnetometer—the device used to sense magnetic north and help create a heading...

Big Screen EFIS 2022 Buyer’s Guide Table

Companion table for the Big Screen EFIS 2022 Buyer’s Guide.

Big Screen EFIS 2022 Buyer’s Guide

There are plenty of display options at all price points.

Dynon FastTrack

The avionics portion of a homebuilt aircraft project can be both time-consuming and intimidating to some builders, but Dynon has set out to tame...
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Power In a Box

Self-contained digital power distribution systems make for simplified installations and circuit health monitoring.

Tool Up Like The Pros

Avionics bootcamp.

Stuff and Fold

Making a hinged instrument panel for ease of maintenance.

Diary of a Panel Upgrade, Part 2

Finding the finish line in this Garmin G3X Touch upgrade.

Get Grounded

It’s almost cliche. You’re having intermittent noise or performance issues in your avionics suite, and...

Avionics Dropout

In this case, the non-builder owner stated that the avionics, including his EFIS, would intermittently...

Diary of a Panel Upgrade Part 1

It usually takes about 8 flying hours to get from Oshkosh to my home airport....

Instrument Ergonomics

Sometimes the path of least resistance is only good for the short term. You choose...

Garmin Smart Glide

New software that’s an extra layer of automation for backstopping emergency deadstick landings.

Learning Glass

Old dog, new tricks. We see the discussion of EFIS digital instruments versus round steam...