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Garmin, uAvionix Resolve Patent Lawsuit

ADS-B solutions company uAvionix announced that it has resolved a patent lawsuit brought by Garmin which has been ongoing since June 2018. According to...

Hey There, Charlie

I’m sure there were perfectly fine used homebuilts closer to me than N531CE—it was at the other end of the country, after all. But...

Avionics at AirVenture 2019

A bit of innovation and some surprises.
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AeroVonics AV-20 and AV-30 Review

A New Mexico start-up called AeroVonics rolled out the most innovative panel-mount electronic displays we’ve...

Headset Trial: David Clark Pro-X2

In this Avionics Bootcamp video series, we put the David Clark Pro-X2 on the evaluation bench and took them flying for this field report.

G3X Touch Installation Class for Experimental Aircraft

Garmin Aviation Training will host a two-day G3X Touch for Experimental Aircraft - Installation Course...

Wi-Fi Enabled

The term “Wi-Fi enabled” involving aircraft conjures up images of fat cats shorting Boeing stock...

AeroVonics Flight Displays

Leave your cutting tools in the drawer. These drop-in electronic instruments eliminate complicated installations and have an impressive feature set.

Avionics Sector Seeing Continued Growth: AEA

The Aircraft Electronics Association reported figures for the first half of 2019 that show the...

What Is My Instrument Panel Going to Cost?

A look at several options and what goes into the final price.

PS Engineering Shows New Audio Panel With VHF Radio

There’s still a need for two important devices in a radio stack: a VHF comm...

Honeywell Buys TruTrak

Honeywell announced at Oshkosh that it has purchased TruTrak Flight Systems, an innovator in Experimental-class...

It’s Da Bom!

Levil Aviation’s BOM puts pitot-static, AHRS, GPS, ADS-B In, and its own power source right under your wing.