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How to Calibrate Angle-of-Attack on Garmin’s G3X Touch System

For pilots who fly with modern electronic flight instruments, having access to accurate, repeatable angle-of-attack (AoA) information can be transformative. But before you can...

Avionics: Do You Document?

A friend at my airport confessed to having some avionics problems. His homebuilt’s instruments include a Garmin G5 for a primary instrument, a BendixKing...

Avionics Satisfaction Survey

We are conducting an avionics satisfaction survey together with Aviation Consumer for an upcoming market report. We want to know about your recent (within...

Honeywell KX200 NavComm

The King KX155 and KX165 navcomm radios are two of the most popular navcomm radios of all time and there are plenty of these...
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Dynon Announces D30 Small EFIS

Dynon Avionics' successful SkyView HDX EFIS exists in both Experimental and certified forms but new...

Garmin Introduces GHA 15 “Height Advisor”

AirVenture has not yet begun yet there’s already a new-product announcement from Garmin, which introduced...

Bose A30

For years, Bose has enjoyed a loyal following in the high-end aviation headset market with...

Slide-and-Fly Audio Panels

PS Engineering and Garmin have good replacement options for the obsolete GMA 340.

Zip Ties No More: DMC’s LaceLok Tool

KITPLANES avionics guru Larry Anglisano was at the Aircraft Electronics Association show last week and...

Shopping for Batteries

Concorde and EarthX are standouts.

Aithre’s Healthview Multifunction Display

Aithre Aviation has been sharply focused on smart cabin biometric products and this year at...

What’s Happening at uAvionix for Sun ‘n Fun 2023?

Shane Woodson breaks down where uAvionix is with the development of the AV-30 and its...

Sporty’s Latest PJ2+

With more power, a better display and a noise limiter, Sporty’s improves a good design.

What’s Ahead?

As we close out 2022 (as I am writing this) and reflect on a year...