Firewall Forward: Spark Plug Maintenance

KITPLANES editor at large Paul Dye goes into detail on how to inspect and maintain conventional aircraft spark plugs in the latest installment of...

Repairing a Damaged Lead Counterweight

When trimming the elevator counterweights of a Van’s RV-14 kit, I modified one of the weights incorrectly. This led to the holes in the...

The Case of the Missing Propeller

Checkpoints: Diagnosis

A Tale of Two RVs

“Homebuilt” aptly describes where most project aircraft are assembled. But as you approach the final stages, it’s common to move from the home to...

LED to a Landing

We have come a long way with light emitting diodes. They went from $200 a bulb in 1968 to 5 cents a bulb in...

Deformed Gascolator O-Ring

Some gascolators have internal O-rings that should be checked for deformation regularly. This was caught on an inspection, but the gascolator had blue telltale...

Firewall Forward: Ignition System Basics

This episode in our Firewall Forward series looks at magneto ignition systems and ignition timing. What it all means, and how to do it...

Firewall Forward: Oil Filter Cutting and Analysis

KITPLANES editor at large and experienced engine builder Paul Dye walks you through the process of cutting open the oil filter and examining the...

Overheating and Intermittent Electrical Problems

I find that overheating and intermittent electrical gremlins are some of the toughest problems to fix. Often, the data you are given to work...
Old iPhone as aviation multi tool

The Best Multi-Tool for your Homebuilt

I am going to describe the best multi-tool you can own for your homebuilt aircraft—whether flying or building. In the “old” days, a multi-tool...

In Case You Missed it

Engine Theory: Forced induction

Putting super into the intake equation.


Marc Cook presents an argument for rewriting LSA weight-limit rules to encourage new design and technology, while improving safety and performance.

Standalone Engine Monitors

Electronics International is a modern standout, but price an EFIS with built-in monitoring first.

Ask the DAR

Position lights, repairman certificate and builder’s log.