Metal Magic: All About Clecoes

The Cleco clamp is the metalworker's best friend.

Installing and Maintaining Your Pitot-Static System

The pitot-static system is usually one of those items appearing on your to-do list when you are at the point of being 90% done...

Oil in Line

Look very closely and you will see liquid in the tubing. This is the manifold pressure line to the electronic ignition system. The fluid in...

I Need Help—Where Do I Look?

Building an aircraft kit is a complicated undertaking and few builders succeed entirely by themselves. A builder’s primary guidance is to follow the plans...

Fuel Cap Dipstick (and Always Chock Your Wheels)

Before I delve into this month’s project, here’s the backstory on where it came from: I started my flight training with 10 hours in...

The Wind-up, the Pitch…

…and now let’s hit this PC board problem out of the park. Let’s make a useful part with the full PCB program. Here’s the situation:...

Metal Magic: Intro to Riveting

Introduction to driven rivets. Learn how to judge the size of rivets you need and how to tell if you've driven them correctly.

Metal Magic: Deburring

Holes are drilled so let's get them cleaned up and ready for fasteners. Paul Dye explains the process of deburring holes and edges in...

Politically Correct Boards

That is what PC means, yes? No. It’s short for printed circuit. And the first attempts at making boards were actually made by spraying...

Spinner Bulkheads – Getting the Spacing Right

If you have ever needed to change props or spinners on your completed homebuilt, you have probably sweated out the clearance between the rear...

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