Measuring Antennas

Freely admitted, my very early experience with antennas was confined to looking at a newspaper picture of Sputnik 1 (Prosteyshiy Sputnik-1) in October 1957...

Metal Magic: Driving and Squeezing Countersunk Rivets

Paul Dye explains how to both drive and squeeze flush rivets and offers handy tips to getting good, repeatable results.

Listen To the Engine

This month’s column is the start of a new series based upon feedback from KITPLANES® subscribers who said they missed my contributions. Thankfully, Marc...

Dimple Stick

How to dimple when you don’t have the room.

Are Your Wings in the Right Spot?

If you haven’t yet decided on whether to pick a high- or low-wing aircraft kit to build, you might wonder how other builders have...

Metal Magic: Dimpling and Countersinking

Before you can start driving countersunk rivets, you need to know how to dimple or countersink aluminum.

Poka-Yoke Cable Clamp

From a machinist’s point of view, the clamp couldn’t be simpler: A couple of grooves, some bolt holes and you’re done.

Unlabeled Controls

It is a requirement that the engine controls are labeled as to their function and operation. In this case, labeling the blue knob “Prop—Push...

Metal Magic: Driven Rivets

An introduction to driving round-head rivets with a rivet gun and bucking bar, the staple skill needed for building a metal airplane.

Why You Should Do Engine Oil Analysis

Engine oil analysis for aircraft is an essential element of long-term powerplant health, for both Experimental and certified aircraft. KITPLANES' Marc Cook shows how...

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Columnist Roy Beisswenger takes a look at what’s currently available in the foot-launched and wheeled variety of canopy or soft-wing aircraft.


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Firewall Forward: Engine Instruments

How to sort through the maze of instrumentation choices.