Shining a Light on History

Back in 2008, George W. Bush was president and 100LL was $2.50 a gallon. Production of 80/87 had stopped the previous year, and this...

Design Process: V-Tails

A V-tail is a configuration where the horizontal stabilizer and vertical fin are replaced by a pair of surfaces mounted at a high dihedral...

A Very Special Oshkosh

This year’s AirVenture set records for attendance, so says EAA. I learned this after the show, but I could have predicted the press release...

Over the Hump

For my wife and me, it was important to have our kids learn a musical instrument. We lost out to sports with our son,...

Fit and Trim

A first flight reveals truths that only air moving over an aircraft’s surfaces can reveal. Will the engine cool properly? Will the cockpit fill...


Longtime readers may recall that before scribbling in aviation magazines I scribbled in automotive magazines. That seems like someone else’s life a long time...

Firewall Forward: Baffling

In the final installment of KITPLANES Firewall Forward, editor at large Paul Dye takes a close look at engine cooling for air-cooled aircraft. Learn...

Archive: May 2003

The Acro-Sport II was on our May 2003 cover, followed by a flight review of a “biplane with an interesting family history.” Well, who...

Wischer’s Whiff

Electrons and nitrous put Neil Wischer’s RV-8 into the 270-mph club.


Justin Meaders’ racer won gold first time out, embodying its owner’s outlook on life.

In Case You Missed it

Rapid Prototyping and Experimental Design

Upping Our Game.

Weight, For the Right One

Classified ads for flying homebuilts boast of the meticulous workmanship and maintenance. The engine...

Findlay’s Flyer

Improving the breed through the need for speed.

Light Stuff

This years Sebring Expo was a harbinger of the future for Light Sport Aircraft, and it appears relatively steady. By Dave Martin.