It was 1985 when this 42-year-old kid wrote an article for an upstart magazine aimed at the homebuilt aircraft market. Appearing in the October...

Building the ‘Beater – Part 7

Installing the interior.

Turnbuckles for the 21st Century

The MS series turnbuckle can eliminate conventional safety wiring.

Cooling Inlets

The cooling air inlet serves two functions: First, and most important, the inlet must ingest enough air to properly cool the engine and accessories...

Everything Goes to Tulsa

Well, everything engine overhaul-related, that is.

Following Footsteps

I was an airplane nut for as long as I can remember even though I had no family exposure to aviation. My father was...

Archive: August 1991

Nat Puffer’s Cozy Mk IV was the cover subject of our August 1991 issue. Don Downie caught up with Nat and wife Shirley Puffer...

Length Matters

Last month I wrote about AN washer usage. This month I’ll take on AN bolts—specifically, their grip length. Riveting stuff, huh? No? Somewhat captivating?...

Second Chance Six

Part 3: My fuel tanks are sloshy. What can I do?

Easy Fiberglass Cowl Blister

Composite clearance when you need it.

In Case You Missed it

Another Drill Guide

The cordless hand drill is a marvel of engineering. Lightweight and powerful, it can...

The Seclusion Solution

How my GlaStar turned a five-hour drive into an hour.

Full of Hot Air

A custom-built ultralight hot air balloon that fits in an RV-7.

SeaReys to the Dry Tortugas

Two SeaReys travel along the Gulf Coast from Houston to the Dry Tortugas.