New LED-based instruments from Radiant Technology

Radiant Instruments introduced its new line of inexpensive, daylight-readable LED-based instruments. Designed to run off of standard 12 volts, this new line of instruments...

Van’s Introduces New IO-390 Variant for RV-14, Plus Updates to RV-10...

A more powerful, lighter-weight variant of the angle-valve IO-390 has become available for the two-seat RV-14/A. Called the IO-390-EXP119, the engine is rated at...

Many Garmin Web Services Down (UPDATED)

Update: On Monday, July 27, Garmin had a formal announcement on the system outages. Garmin Ltd. today announced it was the victim of a cyber...

Glasair Aviation Takes “COVID Pause”

Announcing a “proactive business strategy,” Glasair Aviation, maker of the Sportsman Experimental, says it is furloughing its production and builder-assist staff while retaining a...

Higgs, Grove Form AC Aero

Engine designer and industry consultant Andrew Higgs has joined with Sport class air racer Karl Grove to form AC Aero USA LLC. The new...

Industry Check In With Sonex Aircraft

Sonex's Mark Schaible takes a few minutes to talk about what's happening with the company.

Garmin Introduces Big-Screen aera 760

Garmin today introduced a larger-screen version of its aera navigator. The aera 760 boasts a 7-inch screen, which is 2 inches larger than the current aera...

Garmin’s virtual Sun ‘n Fun experience with aviation webinars

With the cancellation of several marquee aviation events, Garmin is bringing an educational line-up of webinars to its customers. Ranging from an overview of...

Superior Responds to Crankshaft NPRM

Superior Air Parts issued a statement regarding the FAA’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on potentially defective crankshafts in some Lycoming engines. This NPRM, which identifies cranks...

Planepower FlySafe FS Series Alternators

Lightweight, primary/standby alternators are designed to meet the electrical power demands of new-generation glass panel homebuilt and experimental aircraft.

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Continental Pushrod Tube Modification

Owners of a certain type of Continental engine, the cam-at-the-bottom variety, are undoubtedly familiar with the annoying seepage of oil from swaged pushrod tubes and rubber pushrod seals. Now there's a cure, and author Ron Darcey describes the fix.

Rapid Prototyping and Experimental Design

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