Chris Heintz

Zenair Founder Chris Heintz Passes

Prolific aircraft designer and founder of Zenair Chris Heintz has died. According to Zenith Aircraft, “Chris died peacefully at his home in Southern France...

The Hiring Spree Continues: Zenith, Too

Recently, both Van's Aircraft and Sonex have reached out to the homebuilder community in search of qualified employees and that's something on Zenith's radar...

Sonex Is Hiring

We've been talking about the "boom" in Experimental aviation for the last year. Virtually every company we speak to has seen sales increase through...

Kitfox Announces New Model With Stunning New Rotax Engine

Kitfox Aircraft, ever the innovator in the kitbuilt industry, showed early examples of its latest Series 7 STi with the promising new six-cylinder Rotax...
Glasair Aviation assembly shop.

Work at Glasair Aviation

As Glasair Aviation USA moves into the next phase of its "Covid Pause," the company is looking for a technical support person at its...

Van’s Investigating Quickbuild Kit Corrosion-Proofing

Van’s investigating reports of potential surface corrosion on the interior aluminum surfaces of Quick Build wing and fuselage kits.

Van’s Aircraft Is Hiring

The heady expansion of Experimental aviation during the COVID period was, for many, unexpected but the companies are leaning into increased demand by hiring....

Rotor X Acquires RotorWay International

Rotor X Aircraft Manufacturing Company acquired the RotorWay International factory in Chandler, Arizona, and hired key RotorWay personnel. Rotor X is now offering new...

Van’s Shipping Dept. Quarantined Until January 15

Van's Aircraft has put a hold on sending parts out the door until January 15 because the shipping department employees had been exposed to...

Lockwood is Hiring

While the pandemic of 2020 put a crimp in many activities, it hasn't been bad for all of the experimental aircraft industry—we've heard from...

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