Improve It

Homebuilders enjoy improving things. We like our stuff to look better than stock.

Stewart Delivers

About ten days before Christmas, we fell into an incredible deal on an F1 Rocket kit (and a motor!) that was located in central...

Machine, Weld… Repeat!

The project was certainly educational, and those of you with lots of experience welding will chuckle at my expense.

Avionics: Do You Document?

A friend at my airport confessed to having some avionics problems. His homebuilt’s instruments include a Garmin G5 for a primary instrument, a BendixKing...

Stick Bushing

Things that move wear out. That’s buried in a law of physics I once learned having to do with entropy. In this case, that...

Plug That Hole!

Got an extra hole in your baffles? In this case, we were removing an unused purge valve return line that had penetrated the baffles...

Minor Surgery

In my ongoing effort to equip our home fleet of airplanes with as many Angle of Attack systems as possible, we recently upgraded the...

Sometimes, Ya’ Just Gotta’ Fly

It was almost ten o’clock last night when the text came in from an airpark neighbor—“$2.99 per gallon Avgas at Yerington tomorrow from 0700...

Tale of Two Pitots

As part of an EAA Safety committee promoting the use of angle of attack flying, I fly a lot of different AoA systems. In...

Tune-Up Time

Like the proverbial frog who doesn’t know that the pot of water is getting warmer, it is easy to adapt to an airplane or...

In Case You Missed it

Plane and Simple: Perfect Cuts in Aluminum

Making the perfect cut.

Case Hardening

Having a machine shop means never having to say, “I can’t make that.” That occurred...

Power In a Box

Self-contained digital power distribution systems make for simplified installations and circuit health monitoring.

The Misfire

The Usual Suspect, Part 1.