Day 2 with Charlie Echo

Sometimes the weather works with you and sometimes against you. I had one of those “with you” days Saturday. An early departure from Lewiston...

Day 1 with Charlie Echo

I’m sure there were good used homebuilts closer to me than N531CE, but this 2002 GlaStar is, in many respects, the right airplane for...
The whole High Sierra spread out to the north

It’s Different in the Jet

Let's face it - when flying a cross-country in an RV (or other higher-performance experimental single that isn't turbocharged), we like to think about...


I have been writing this blog called Kneeboard Notes for about four or five years now, and one thing I don't think I have...

Group Therapy

As a naturally introverted engineer (redundant, I know), I enjoy working in my shop all alone, with nothing but a little soft music (and...

The Gorge

How is it that an airplane oriented company like Van’s Aircraft can be based in a valley that always seems to be fogged or...

It’s That Time Again

It's time for us aviation journalists to trot out our well-oiled please for practice, tolerance, and good decision-making
Paul Dye

Passing the Baton

Marc Cook returns to the pages of Kitplanes as Editor in Chief while Paul step into another role.

Loki the SubSonex Jet is a Free Bird!

My ever-vigilant neighbor caught the official end to my Phase 1 test period on "Loki," the little jet, this morning as I made a...

Thirty Hours

As I rolled the SubSonex to a stop in front of my hangar this morning, the mighty TJ-100 spooling down and going in to...

In Case You Missed it

Modern Exterior Aircraft Lighting

It’s your best way of letting other making your presence known to other pilots, so your exterior lighting system deserves careful thought and planning early on in the build process. Fortunately, there are choices for every plane and budget.

Wind Tunnel


What’s New

ATS Voyager-when you get serious about a borescope.


On a Lighter Note...Hopefully you can help me out with a solution to my...