When Will the Sonex High Wing Be Ready?

We Asked Mark Schaible & This Is What He Said!

Don Wall BD-5J

A BD-5J comes back from a long hiatus.

Building a Backbone

Building the “spinal cord” from panel to tail is far easier (even when you use conduit) before the floors are nailed down, so think about it early.

Professionally Hosed: Watch Aero Performance Build Hoses for Experimental and Certified...

Myron Nelson recently paid a visit to Aero Performance, a subsidiary of Aircraft Spruce, to see how hoses are made.

Quick Tip: In Praise of the Doodlebug

Nobody likes trying to remove dried bug residue. Unless you catch them while still, um, moist, insect remains will dry to have an impressive attachment to your airframe.

Crystal Balling — What Will Rotax Do Next?

My latest prognostication jag centers on what’s next for Rotax. And it’s driven by a feeling that there’s no time to waste moving up the horsepower ladder.

A Little Protection

A technique I learned when I bought my most recent car.

Hide the Comm

Someone asked me (after seeing the panel photo of our nascent Rocket front office) why there are circuit breakers underneath the IFR Nav/Transponder on...

Oshkosh Notice Outlines Changes for Pilots Flying to AirVenture

The new measures for the annual fly-in stem from pilot feedback and FAA review of arrival procedure recommendations.

RARA Announces Roswell

Reno Air Racing Association announced the new home of the National Championship Air Races (NCAR) is Roswell, New Mexico.

In Case You Missed it

Hinges For Your Homebuilt

Piano hinges find themselves in all kinds of places as we examine the structure...
light gun signals

Rear Cockpit: Light Gun Signaling

Silent running.

Sensor Sensibilities

In 2011, when I purchased my engine sensor package for the then new Dynon...

Forgot the Safety Wire?

Brake caliper without safety wire.