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Armstrong Xenos-B

Completed in 1100 hours by Paul and Denise Armstrong, Xenos-B #0014 had its first flight on 10/3/23 at Montague, CA.  "It was easy to...

The eXenos Takes Wing!

To quote Howard Hughes in the movie The Rocketeer… ”The son of a b**** will fly!" The stars finally aligned with the weather (and schedules)...

Morris Sonex

After being furloughed from an airline during COVID, I purchased a partially completed kit from a builder's widow that had passed away some 5...

Hoey Sonex B

I began building in February 2018 and made the first flight in December 2022. The Sonex B is powered by an AeroVee Turbo engine....

Lang Arion Lightning XS

Although I had been active with RC model airplanes all my life, a retirement goal was to complete a full-scale airplane that my wife...

Bearhawk Model 5 Takes Flight

Bearhawk Aircraft announced the flight of the first kit-built Bearhawk Model 5 on Monday, November 7th. This six-place airplane was originally designed to haul...

Fernandez Zenith Cruzer

This is actually my third attempt at an experimental. Three others started, but life kept getting in the way. After retiring from a 25-year...
Edward Parisi Sonex Onex

Parisi Sonex Onex

Sonex Onex N196XP flew for the first time on April 27th after a little over four years to complete. It's powered the 80 hp AeroVee...

Lindsey Van’s RV-6

I really enjoyed building this plane, I didn't get in a hurry to build it. I wanted to do it right. I had lots...

Gervae Cub Special

After 5 years and 2000+ hrs, I completed my plans built Cub Special. It has a Continental O-200A with Catto Prop, TK1 Shock Monster...

In Case You Missed it

Bush Hog

How do you say ginormous in Russian? Bush Hog. Ed Wischmeyer flies the E-7 prototype, and finds the development team is on top of things.

RV Quick Stick

I live in a pretty cool neighborhood, which happens to include a couple of...

Velocity, Increased

The Velocity TXL-5 turbo combines style, sophistication and high performance eminently suited to cross-country sojourns at flight levels.

Whirl Wind 300

Three blades at the speed of two!