Bearhawk Model 5 Takes Flight

Bearhawk Aircraft announced the flight of the first kit-built Bearhawk Model 5 on Monday, November 7th. This six-place airplane was originally designed to haul...

Ari’s Reno 2022 VLOG – Ep. 3

It takes time to edit a video, especially when you throw in a move to another state and a new house! Alas, my final...

Zenith Aircraft Marks 30 Years In Mexico

On September 16 & 17, 2022, Zenith Aircraft’s latest edition of its annual open house celebrated the factory’s 30th anniversary. We made our first...

Postcards From Reno 2022

Here's a review of what we've seen at the Reno races this year. Photos by Tom Wilson, Ariana Rayment, and Paul Dye.

Through the Smoke: Seeing the Unlimiteds

One story of Reno 2022 was the poor visibility caused by wildfires nearby. By Friday, changes to the schedule began to take hold and...

Reno Diaries 2022 – Ep. 6

That’s a wrap, people! It’s been a difficult year, to say the least. From the races being on hold due to weather to an...


Sport Gold Final.

Finals, Finally

Sunday has dawned cool and darkly overcast which is just fine with the racers at Stihl National Championship Air Races at Reno, Nevada. For...

Shhhh – I’m Blending In

Walking the pits at Reno, you pass through a few rows of RV’s, Lancairs, and Glasairs, then a couple of aisles of T-6’s. Next,...

Reno Diaries 2022 – Ep. 5

Happy to report the Gold Sport pilots got on the course today! Unfortunately Andy Findlay had to pull off after two laps, leaving Jeff...

In Case You Missed it

Maintenance Tools

If you are going to do a proper job of maintaining your airplane, you will need some tools that don’t have much use outside of aviation.

Building the Bearhawk LSA

Assembling some assemblies.

Building Efficiently

You'll be flying your finished aircraft much sooner if you manage your time, parts, workspace and tools efficiently.

uAvionix AV-30

A compact standalone EFIS at an affordable price.