Homebuilt Aircraft Feature and Capability Survey

Tell Us What You Think Experimental aircraft have long been about innovation and personalization. We know that from looking at the available designs and talking...

CarbonCub NX Flight Review

KITPLANES Editor in Chief Marc Cook flies the powerful but easy-flying NXCub with CubCrafters' Brad Damm.

CarbonCub NX Walkaround

Follow along with CubCrafters' Brad Damm to learn about the details and design considerations of the new nosewheel-equipped NXCub.

Ly-Con Awarded GARDSert Process

We were at Ly-Con Aircraft Engines the other day checking in on some O-200 cylinders when Ly-Con majordomo Ken Tunnell showed us a nifty...

Insurance for Experimental Aircraft Roundtable

A hardening insurance market can impact your choice of homebuilt.

Long EZ Walkaround

Long-EZ builder Mike Sabourin provides a narrated walk-around of his award-winning airplane.

Book Review: Shuttle, Houston

It was not just another day in the life of NASA flight director Paul Dye, who was sitting in the exalted center seat at mission control...

Garmin, Dynon Announce Virtual AirVenture Events

With the cancellation of AirVenture this year, companies are stepping up to provide customers and prospects with a way to connect through “educational webinars...

EAA Virtual Expo Taking Shape

EAA has announced that its Spirit of Aviation Week will include an online expo that allows exhibitors to offer product showcases, show specials, multimedia...

American Legend Aircraft Introduces “Mother of All Cubs”

American Legend Aircraft has developed an “extreme” version of its popular experimental/amateur-built Cub it’s calling the MOAC, for “Mother of all Cubs.” Boasting more...

In Case You Missed it


Deforestation Explained ...

Risky Business: Checklists

Giving the madness method.

Alternative Energies

Graphene “paper,” drag-racing electric motorcycles and hybrid aircraft were hot topics at the Electric Aircraft Symposium in Santa Rosa, California, and illustrated the progress being made in alternative energy sources. By Dean Sigler.

Arion Lightning

Test pilot Chuck Berthe flew the Arion Lightning not once but twice, in two different factory demonstrators. The first flight raised concerns about the trim system and longitudinal stability, while the second flight (months later) impressed with improvements to the trim system and the consequent betterment of the airplane’s handling characteristics.