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Parts Is Parts

A major part of any Experimental kit will be hundreds of products that the kit supplier didn’t manufacture or fabricate but simply sourced from the open market to supply with their custom kit components.

Target Fixation Taught by Trees

I was chopping firewood under a dead ash tree, whiffing deep, ax-head-shaped divots into my lawn, when I remembered the time, once upon a takeoff, that a living oak tree nearly got the best of me.

The Most Dangerous Thing in the Cockpit

Forget about all those sharp corners, the quantity of fuel aboard and the fire extinguisher you threw in the baggage compartment without tying it down. It is always important to at least consider the fact that the most dangerous thing to have in the cockpit when things go wrong is the owner of the airplane.

Flight Review: Falken Avionics iPad-based EFIS

By now, the Apple iPad has established itself as a strong utility player in many aircraft, most often running as a so-called electronic flight bag (EFB) to display moving maps, charts, weather and traffic. But Falken Avionics’ Flight View system has a different take on putting Apple’s tablet to use—as a primary instrument. 


New Ambidextrous Products from Pioneer Control Grips

Not everyone is strongly “handed” and there are some applications where a grip that feels right in either hand is, um, right for the job. That’s the thinking behind Pioneer Control Grips’ new ambidextrous grips.

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Get a Grip on It!

Adding wing-walk tape to slippery keyless drill chucks.


UL Power UpdatePrices fluctuate with euro/dollar exchange rate and are set on date of...

Alternative Energies

Dean Sigler was on location at this year’s Green Flight Challenge in Santa Rosa, California, and he offers a report.

Insurance Update: Experimentals and LSAs

Despite recent economic traumas, the aviation insurance industry has continued to support Experimental and LSA aircraft. The keys for the builder/pilot? Proficiency, training, and availability of parts and service for the airplane.

Tips for Installing Your Props Properly

It pays to be thorough and follow the manufacturers instructions to the letter when installing a prop on your homebuilt.