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Bob Nuckolls and Morrie Hummel Inducted into EAA Hall of Fame

Notable contributors to the world of homebuilts were inducted into EAA's Sport Aviation Halls...

Walker Zodiac CH640 – “Bluebird”

I’ve always enjoyed woodworking and working with my hands. After building a regulator clock...

Turbine Legend

Let’s celebrate the return of some very fine whine.

RANS S-21 Outbound

Great looks, easy to build, and a wide choice of engines. Is this the RANS you've been waiting for?

Speedster Evolution

Kitfox Series 7 steps up to speed.

Whisper X350 Gen II

Fast, sleek cruiser from motorglider origins.

Sling TSi

Four seats. Full fuel. Lets go!

Revised Raven

RANS adds metal wings and a big engine to their popular side-by-side.

Builder Spotlight

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Continental Officially Opens New Mobile Plant

Saturday, September 14, 2019, was a big day in Mobile, Alabama… the grand opening...

Turbine Temptation: Building the Airframe

Rule number one for building the SubSonex: Build from the inside out. Rule number...

Avionics Bootcamp: ADS-B For Canada and Beyond

If you’ve equipped your plane for the U.S. ADS-B mandate, there’s a good chance it won’t work in other countries, including Canada.

Turbine Temptation

Making the decision.

Building the Bearhawk LSA

It’s finally finished!

A Tale of Two Antennas

With the recent rush to ADS-B, there has been a significant interest in GPS...

Starter Trouble

A little over five years ago I wrote a maintenance article dealing with troubleshooting starter...

Brake Turn

Tires, Brakes & Wheel Bearings

Maintenance matters.

Spare the Wait and Carry On

What began, for one homebuilder, as a cross-country odyssey to AirVenture turned into an...

Lessons From Galesburg

I’ve had a number of readers ask me if I managed to make it...

Rag Wing Roots

Living With RVs



AeroVonics AV-20 and AV-30 Review

A New Mexico start-up called AeroVonics rolled out the most innovative panel-mount electronic displays...

Headset Trial: David Clark Pro-X2

In this Avionics Bootcamp video series, we put the David Clark Pro-X2 on the evaluation bench and took them flying for this field report.

It’s Da Bom!

Levil Aviation’s BOM puts pitot-static, AHRS, GPS, ADS-B In, and its own power source right under your wing.

Sensenich To Introduce Several New Props, for 65 to 220hp, STOL to 200 knots

Sensenich Propeller is introducing several new adjustable-pitch carbon props for engines from 65 to 220 h.p.

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Kitfox with a Rotec

The Rotec-radial-powered Kitfox Super Sport taps into our nostalgia for radial engines but with a modern touch. By Marc Cook.

Pump Up the Volume

Inexpensive ways to make handheld radios easier to hear.


Prepping for flight.

Wind Tunnel

Aeroelasticity—structure with a twist.

Bond…Click Bond

Building a better nut plate.