Cooling Inlets, Part 2

As we saw last month, an ideal cooling air inlet system should ingest air from the free stream and bring it to rest or...

Cooling Inlets

The cooling air inlet serves two functions: First, and most important, the inlet must ingest enough air to properly cool the engine and accessories...


As we saw in last month’s edition of Wind Tunnel, only about one-third of the energy released by burning the fuel in an internal...

Power and Heat

The cooling system is a major component of the airplane. It has a large impact on the performance and reliability of the machine. The...

Prop Blade Effects

We often treat the propeller as a uniform “actuator disc” and the slipstream as a uniform stream tube of accelerated and swirling air. While...

Torque and P-factor

We’ve touched on this during previous discussions of slipstream (most recently in the April 2023 issue), but there are several power and propeller effects...

Thrust Line Effects

The propeller of an airplane generates thrust that drives it through the air. In addition to propelling the airplane, the thrust of the propeller...

Propeller Effects–Lateral Directional

The propeller slipstream affects the aerodynamics of the airplane. A propeller accelerates air backward and also imparts a swirl. The air in the slipstream...

Design Process: Slipstream Effects

In preliminary design and for performance calculations, we treat the engine, propeller and airframe as separate entities. The only engine effect we typically consider...

Design Process: Engine Size

The engine of an airplane must produce enough power to meet the requirements of all phases of the mission. First, the engine must accelerate the...

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