Design Process: Landing Gear, Part 2

As we started to discuss last month, the landing gear is a major component of the airplane that affects the design in significant ways. Delaying the layout and design of the gear until late in the design process will inevitably lead to problems. Accordingly, the designer should address the major factors associated with landing gear […]
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Design Process: Landing Gear

It’s time to turn our attention to a major component of the airplane—the landing gear.

Wind Tunnel

Design process-CG limits and tail size, part 2.

Wind Tunnel

Design process-tail volume. By Barnaby Wainfan.

Wind Tunnel

Design process-CG limits and tail size.

Wind Tunnel

Design process-CG loading, part 2.

Wind Tunnel

Design process-CG loading.

Wind Tunnel

Design process: balance, part 3.

Wind Tunnel

Design Process-balance, part 2.

Wind Tunnel

Design process: balance.

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