Building the eXenos

Part 2: Sourcing the parts.

Solder Sleeves

Should they be in your tool kit?

Homemade Compression Tester

Why buy a new one when you can build your own?

Hidden Tinnerman Washers

A new approach to reinforcing holes for wheel pant attach screws.

Wischer’s Whiff

Electrons and nitrous put Neil Wischer’s RV-8 into the 270-mph club.


Justin Meaders’ racer won gold first time out, embodying its owner’s outlook on life.

Building the ‘Beater

In my “New Sojourn” column in the July 2022 issue, I told you I was committed to building a Hummingbird helicopter. I have begun...

Mike and Laura Starkey’s RANS S-21: Part 14

Wrapping up Phase I flight testing.

Engine Monitors

Good options, but the installation is more important than the model.

Van’s on Top

A utility-first airplane turns Van’s design chops upside down.

In Case You Missed it


Can CubCrafters make the tri-gear bush airplane a thing?

Wooden Hangar Floors

Yes, its unusual, but for my hangar it makes perfect sense. By Steve Kessinger.

Kit Stuff

The Creative Homebuilder

Miscellaneous ideas.