Final Steps to Flight

Part 4: Overhauling Your Own Lycoming

Testing, Testing!

Part 1: Wing Static Load Test

Tough Spot

How to install a hardpoint in a cored composite panel.
N82EZ Long-EZ

It Don’t Come Easy

After 13 years, Allen Floyd builds a Grand Champion Long-EZ.

The Art of Assembly

The day will come when all of your engine’s parts come home from their exciting trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma. (Remember that, in the last...

First Start

This GlaStar’s new Titan engine comes to life.


Take a deep breath–it can be fixed.

Do-It-Yourself Camera Mount

Homebuilt aircraft struts often require a homebuilt mount.

Mike and Laura Starkey’s RANS S-21: Part 8

Feeding the beast.

Powering a Mystery

Lockheed Conestoga/Kudu + Chevy V-8 = StarMaster.

In Case You Missed it


When new aircraft from two very different designers, in this case Randy Schlitter and Richard VanGrunsven, surface with considerable similarities, consensus about basic design tenets must be blowing in the wind. Certainly Light Sport regs do constrain performance considerations, but human factors are more up for grabs, and thats where one or another design can truly shine; by Marc Cook.


Belted's Take After reading "The State of Auto Conversions" article in the May...

Light Stuff

Its two aircraft in one: The Jabiru J230 is being sold both as a kit and as a Special (factory-built) Light Sport Aircraft thats ready to fly. By Dave Martin.

Homebuilding on the Edge

Out in the California desert, innovation in homebuilding is the rule, rather than the exception. By Marc Cook.