Building the eXenos

Part 6: Prepping for flight!

RV Maintenance by the Book

Vic Syracuse’s latest guide is a must-have for RV owners.
The Acme tailwheel suspension system installed on Ted Waltman’s SQ-2.

Matching a Tailwheel to the Terrain

The right tailwheel can keep you out of trouble in the backcountry.

Get Bent

I harbor two writers within. A technical writer who favors brevity and a creative writer, an essayist, who wants to engage your senses and...

Homebuilt Accidents: Reassurance

Don’t let the statistics get you down.

Out of the Shadows

Are airplanes good for the soul?

Second Chance Six

Starting the restoration. Where do you even begin?

Building the ‘Beater – Part 6

As promised, Lycoming delivered the Thunderbolt engine in December to Vertical Aviation. Since this was the first Thunderbolt engine to be installed in a...

First Timer’s AirVenture Arrival

How busy is the Oshkosh arrival? Ride along for a portion of columnist Ariana Rayment's first flight into the big show with our EIC...

Building the 750SD XTREME: Part 7

Mounting pressures, seating flexibility.

In Case You Missed it

Leaking Lycs

In truth, all engines can leak. Here’s how to deal with it.

See How Pioneer Control Grips Are Made

KITPLANES columnist Ari Rayment takes us on a tour of Pioneer Control Grips with...

Aero ‘lectrics

Heat and avionics don't get along all that well. Rather than installing a fan that runs all the time, Jim Weir suggests building and using a fan that runs only when you need it.

Narrowed Focus

A seemingly complicated part layout can be simplified by narrowing your focus from...