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For 30 years, KITPLANES has been the leader in covering the world of homebuilt aircraft — airplanes built from kits, plans, or the builder’s imagination. When the magazine started, the homebuilder’s world was mostly filled with skillful and highly dedicated men who had spent their lives in shops and garages. They built planes to fly around the patch or close to home. Today, thanks to sophisticated kits, robust factory support, improved safety records, and highly capable aircraft options, men and women with very little or even no previous shop experience have built and flown their dream airplane. In recent years, new homebuilt registrations with the FAA have exceeded the addition of new certified airplanes. More and more pilots are recognizing the cost-effectiveness and enhanced flexibility of flying homebuilt aircraft.

To address this shift from a nearly exclusive readership of hard-core shop hounds to a more diverse group of pilots – especially folks with no previous experience in the world of experimental aviation – KITPLANES has created this new weekly newsletter. The Homebuilt Portal highlights previous KITPLANES articles (and cartoons!) specifically selected to address the interests of the GA pilot just entering (or considering entering) the world of homebuilt airplanes.

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Homebuilding Overview

What is homebuilding of aircraft about?
History of homebuilding
Current Status

First-Time Builders

How to maximize your chance of success.

Build it Better

A collection of fifteen articles by Paul Dye; Aa single source for tips and ideas from the world of aerospace operations that might very well make a difference in how you build and operate your homebuilt aircraft.

Support Groups

List of Support Groups and Newsletters for homebuilders (and prospective homebuilders) categorized by aircraft type.


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