Flight Review: Falken Avionics iPad-based EFIS

By now, the Apple iPad has established itself as a strong utility player in many aircraft, most often running as a so-called electronic flight bag (EFB) to display moving maps, charts, weather and traffic. But Falken Avionics’ Flight View system has a different take on putting Apple’s tablet to use—as a primary instrument. 

A Hangar Fit for a Bride

Since we live on an airpark, have a large hangar of our own and my fiancé works for an airplane-kit company, many friends have...

Bending Your Brain

Humans are amazingly adaptable but sometimes we lack imagination. Here’s one example.

Sounding Off

Like some sort of verbal restricted area, certain subjects are such tropes in aviation scribbling that I steer around them like they were cumulonimbus....

Snap, Crackle, Pop

I bucked the first rivet on my Van’s RV-10 project in October 2007. Barrett Precision Engines built my engine from a core, a decision...

Old, New & Old Again!

We are seeing more talk of people rebuilding cores found in barns or the back of hangars.

Diesel 2.0?

For an engine long on the verge of viability but never quite making it over the threshold, the DeltaHawk is looking ever more real....


There’s no reason to participate in the hobby—for that matter, any hobby—unless it’s underpinned by fun.

Case for the Lyconsaur

Last time we met, the question was if the engines of the future had already arrived. This time I’d like to turn around and...

The Turf War Around MOSAIC

You might think that a long-running proposal to streamline certification and greatly expand (and make far more usable) LSA and sport pilot rules would have the industry locking arm, raising voices in song and, therefore, on a clear path to success. You might, but you’d be wrong.

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Out with the Old, In with the New

Upgrading from Slick magnetos to P-MAGS

More Toys

Back in July 2014, I wrote a column justifying all of the toys we...

Turbine Legend

Let’s celebrate the return of some very fine whine.