Keeping a Battery Current

“With an anxiety that almost amounted to agony, I collected the instruments of life around me, that I might infuse a spark of being...

A Step in the Flight Direction

Parts & recreation.

Caught in the Act

We’ve been working on the development story of the Van’s RV-15 for many months. Paul Dye and I had what I would call exceptional...

How They Build Them in South Africa

During my recent visit to Sling Aircraft in Johannesburg, South Africa, to fly the new High Wing on this month’s cover, I was given...

Second Time Charm

There’s no other way but to admit that I found dozens of reasons to put this project off. By finally tackling it, though, I...

Plug In Power

Years ago a friend of mine was faced with commuting for his airline job from his home in St. George, Utah, to his new...

Can We Talk? (Boy, Can We!)

One of my favorite AirVenture activities is eavesdropping as people tell their buddy about the Sonex product line. They confidently say that Sonex took...

Various and Sundry

Awash with ideas and follow-up chores, the writing workbench is looking about as disheveled as the one out in the hangar, so we’ll take...

A Celebration of KRs

I have to admit that the KR has never really had a prominent spot on my radar. Certainly not for any negative reason. Mostly,...
CO Experts

Poison Alert

On January 20, 2022, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) petitioned the FAA with a long-anticipated safety recommendation report concerning the hazards of carbon...

In Case You Missed it

Fixed-pitch Props

A major advantage of a fixed-pitch prop is that it is lighter, simpler and cheaper than one with variable pitch.

Metal Magic: Dimpling and Countersinking

Before you can start driving countersunk rivets, you need to know how to dimple or countersink aluminum.

Ask the DAR

Ready to perform aerobatics with your new homebuilt? Not so fast! The operating limitations dictate what's required first.

Gas Vs. Diesel

Which Sportsman is best? It depends.