There’s no reason to participate in the hobby—for that matter, any hobby—unless it’s underpinned by fun.

Case for the Lyconsaur

Last time we met, the question was if the engines of the future had already arrived. This time I’d like to turn around and...

The Turf War Around MOSAIC

You might think that a long-running proposal to streamline certification and greatly expand (and make far more usable) LSA and sport pilot rules would have the industry locking arm, raising voices in song and, therefore, on a clear path to success. You might, but you’d be wrong.

Reigniting the Spark

Engines, you see, need frequent activity. When they sit, they corrode.

Flying Tired

It had been a long, cold night.

Is the Future Here?

For ages one of the most common laments in aviation is we’re still flying around behind ancient engines. LyConsaurs they’re called, and when in...

What Now?

Our first indication of a problem was a sudden deceleration of the airplane. The oil indications, both pressure and temperature, were deceptively normal.

Why Not AoA?

If AoA flying is so great, where has it been all your life?

Little Buddy, You Can Fly

As a design matures, more and more “upgrades” and “improvements” are thrust upon successive builders by those who have gone before. What they are thrusting, really, are opinions.
Clyde Hamstreet

Van’s Bankruptcy Update, Next Steps

We interview Clyde Hamstreet, whose company, Hamstreet & Associates, specializes in recovering companies in distress.

In Case You Missed it

Roll Camera!

Leave it to Dick Starks to get his foot in the door of a movie set by supplying WW-I replica aircraft. Once there, leave it to Dick to find trouble, even when hes not looking for it. No worries, though. Alls well that ends well, and the whole experience makes for a story thatll have you laughing out loud.

Editor’s Log

On with the shows!

Product Review: Garmin eLearning for the GPSMAP 696

Marc Cook tries out Garmins eLearning program for the GPSMAP 695/696.

Wind Tunnel

Sometimes adding accoutrements, paint, interior embellishments and other must-haves can result in a weight penalty that is difficult to overcome.