Adjustable Seat Frame Plans Available From Stewart Aircraft



Stewart Aircraft, provider of plans for several different aircraft designs, is now selling plans for an adjustable seat for homebuilt aircraft.

This basic seat for homebuilt aircraft is adjustable forward and aft and measures 13″ deep, 18″ wide and 24″ tall. The adjustable travel can be up to 6 inches in one inch steps or to the builders requirements. It is constructed from steel tubing and sheet steel with aluminum or steel rollers and has provisions for attaching the builder’s cushions. The seat is designed to be easily installed or removed from the airplane’s frame with four bolts.

The price is $55 shipped free for a complete set of prints that include three 18 x 24 assembly drawings and thirteen 8.5 x 11 sheets of individual parts.

Further information on this seat and other Stewart Aircraft products, including the homebuilt aircraft Headwind, FooFighter and Maximizer PRSU are available online at


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