All-New Sling TSi to debut at AirVenture

Sling TSi

If you’re headed to AirVenture, you don’t want to miss the North American debut of the All-New Sling TSi! And the company will have a beautiful example of a customer-built Sling 2 lovingly built by Bob and Joan Zaleski as well as a factory-built Sling LSA.

The team from Midwest SkySports will show an example of their craftsmanship and be ready to talk about their build-assist program. And master Sling designer, Mike Blyth, is flying in all the way from South Africa to meet you.So drop by and say hello!

Sling TSi is a modern, fast, economical 4-seater that does 145 KTAS at 9,500′!

The Sling TSi kit is the airplane Sling fans have been waiting for. All of the style, economy and practical utility of the Sling 4 but with MORE SPEED!
Harnessing the power of the new Rotax 915iS, turbo-charged, fuel-injected and FADEC engine, the Sling TSi maintains the quiet, comfortable and smooth ride Slings are known for with an extra dose of horsepower.

The Sling TSi features an all-new high-speed wing design: optimized for the power and weight of the aircraft. The leading edge of the wing, forward fuselage and empennage are flush-riveted. The landing gear and wheel pants are streamlined and there’s a new cowling design.

The interior, seating, ventilation and heating are improved for passenger comfort and luxury.

Zaleski Sling 2


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