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Kerry Fores grew up jumping the airport fence in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. He wanted to build an airplane in 10th-grade woodshop but was asked to choose a smaller project. In 1998, unconstrained by teachers, Kerry scratch built a Sonex he polished and named Metal Illness. It was awarded Plans Built Champion at AirVenture 2006. Kerry is on the web at thelifeofdanger.com.

Dreams Take Flight

“Grandpa Kerry, where do unwanted airplane projects come from?” I choked on my ice cream. The grandpa moniker is still as startling to me as...

Weight, For the Right One

Classified ads for flying homebuilts boast of the meticulous workmanship and maintenance. The engine upgrades and professional paint are noted. A string of characters,...

Shop in Comfort

I’ve confessed to building Metal Illness in a space that many, or most, would rate less than ideal. In my defense, my brain’s right...

Vendor Bonding Day

For those of you who leave AirVenture before the final Sunday, and that is 97% of you, you may not be aware that the...

The Sonerai Turns 50

John Monnett, President of Sonex Aircraft LLC, unknowingly launched his homebuilding career fifty years ago at the 1971 EAA Aviation Convention and Fly-in in...

Navel Gazing From an Oshkosh Townie

“Oh! You’re from Oshkosh?” It’s a common comment I hear when AirVenture attendees ask me where I’m from. It’s not a strictly accurate comment,...

Your Head, Your Heart, Your Hands and the Truth

Three chords and the truth. That’s how songwriter Harlan Howard, who, with Hank Cochran, penned “I Fall to Pieces,” described country music. I got...

Wittman. Field. Video.

If it was strange for you to stay home, it was equally strange to be nearly the only person there.

Pack Your Spotted Cow and Go

I heard Jester’s coarse voice and felt the impact of each syllable, “You. Nev-er. Leave. Your wingman.” I’m foreshadowing the past, though, so let...

Defining “Done”

“Kerry, you know your airplane could be flying in two weeks.” That observation, offered by someone qualified to make the assessment, caught me off...

In Case You Missed it

Back to School

There's always more to learn at the National Test Pilot School (Part 2).

All About Avionics: Cutting The Metal

Heres something to ponder: By the time you get to the point where you are ready to build the panel in your homebuilt aircraft, you've already mastered many of the skills and techniques you'll need to do it by virtue of completing the airframe. That statement is all the more credible when it comes from someone with a vested interest in the subject, our own avionics expert Stein Bruch.

Stressing Structure

Local crippling.

Ask the DAR

Night VFR in an ELSA, flying from the right seat, ELSA certification for an original design.