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Kerry Fores was born and raised in Oshkosh, WI and was interested in homebuilding by age 12. Between 1998 and 2003 he scratchbuilt and polished a Sonex, which he named Metal Illness. Kerry logged nearly 500 hours in Metal Illness and was awarded Plans Built Champion at AirVenture 2006. Kerry is retired from a 21-year career at Sonex Aircraft, most of it dedicated to supporting builders. Kerry is on the web at thelifeofdanger.com.

Drilling Holes for Fasteners

Plunge into drilling accurate holes for fasteners in mating parts.

Savoring Silver

A building partnership builds on its success.


There’s no reason to participate in the hobby—for that matter, any hobby—unless it’s underpinned by fun.

Reigniting the Spark

Engines, you see, need frequent activity. When they sit, they corrode.

Little Buddy, You Can Fly

As a design matures, more and more “upgrades” and “improvements” are thrust upon successive builders by those who have gone before. What they are thrusting, really, are opinions.

Beyond the Stats

Shoppin’ for a project, are ya? Here are some truths: Factory-stated build times are bare minimums. Double them and then toss that number out...

Inserting Bolts, Installing Nuts

I never set out to write a hardware trilogy, yet here we are. A little ditty on washer usage begat a column on bolt-length...

Length Matters

Last month I wrote about AN washer usage. This month I’ll take on AN bolts—specifically, their grip length. Riveting stuff, huh? No? Somewhat captivating?...

AN960 Washers, the Penny and My Thoughts

Not a week (sometimes a day) went by during my Sonex career that I wasn’t asked about washer usage on threaded fasteners. Often, a...

Get Bent

I harbor two writers within. A technical writer who favors brevity and a creative writer, an essayist, who wants to engage your senses and...

In Case You Missed it

Roll Your Own

When they couldn't find a likely single-seat homebuilt that would work as an inexpensive but reliable commuter airplane, two builders who are well versed in metal aircraft construction took it upon themselves to design and build one;

Down to Earth

Two German globetrotters are flying their Vans RV-7 around the world to promote aviation. By Amy Laboda.

Garmin aera 796: Portable Syn Vision

Garmin builds on its portable product line with two new navigators: the aera 795 and 796. Paul Bertorelli reviews these synthetic-vision capable units.

Machinery Mobilization

Rich Seifert next to his Shopsmith Mark V combo machine. Factory wheels make...