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Terry Edwards
Terry Edwards is a mechanical engineering technologist, private pilot and aircraft owner. He is currently building a Van's RV-9A. You can bet its fuel vents will be well considered.

Tools for Homebuilders, Part 2

Terry Edwards continues his discussion of some of the less-often covered aspects of airplane building, this month looking at how to manage your project and stay motivated.

Tools for Homebuilders, Part 1

Terry Edwards covers some of the less-often discussed aspects of homebuilding, from the decision-making processes, to the best sources for assistance to choosing a project director (and deciding if you need one).

Time to Vent

When it comes to fuel-tank vents, there is a wide variety of choices. We look at the basic types and consider their relative merits. By Terry Edwards.

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Ask the DAR

What builders need to know about Light Sport Aircraft Repairman Certificates.

Ask the DAR

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