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Vic is a fixed-wing and helicopter commercial pilot, CFII with ASMEL/ASES ratings, an A&P/IA, DAR, and EAA technical advisor and flight counselor. Passionately involved in aviation for over 40 years, he has built 11 aircraft and logged over 10,000 hours in 72 different kinds of aircraft. Vic volunteers as a Young Eagle pilot, has his own sport aviation business called Base Leg Aviation, and has written two books on aircraft prebuy and condition inspections.

Cracked Alternator Bracket

Look closely and you will see that the bracket is cracked on the left side of the slot.

Building the ‘Beater

In my “New Sojourn” column in the July 2022 issue, I told you I was committed to building a Hummingbird helicopter. I have begun...

SCAT Tubing Cut

Be careful when routing SCAT tubing close to metal structures like engine mounts. The hard spring wire can actually cut through the 4130 engine mount...

Always Learning

While I see lots of recurring maintenance problems every day, tough ones that require some additional thinking for the Diagnosis column don’t always happen...

What’s AirVenture Without a Little Storm?

Although, last night’s storm was one of the bigger ones. Lots of rain and wind gusts over 50 mph. So far, we are not...

Volunteers—The First People You Meet in Oshkosh

We arrived here around 9 am this am, after a wonderful flight from Dekalb, IL. Nothing like a nice calm flight over the IL...

Leaky Primer Line

Primer lines need to be silver soldered into their fittings. Using RTV to fix a leak is not acceptable and poses a serious fire...

Another Alternator Gotcha

Well, it seems to be the season for alternator problems, as just this week I had to diagnose another interesting one. As with any...

No Brake Fluid

Perhaps brake lines in the cockpit should be part of the preflight? This aircraft was moments away from having no left brake due to...

A New Sojourn

My aviation dream has not been much different than for thousands of other aviation lovers. Kid loves airplanes. Kid builds model airplanes. Kid flies...

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Something to Do

Upon his retirement, Jim Shy embarked on a lifelong dream of building his own airplane. But before he even decided on a design, he bought a place to keep it: his own airport.

Easy Slider: Part 2

Preparing a fiberglass canopy skirt and windshield fairing for prime time.

Around the Patch

Editor-in-Chief Marc Cook looks closely the TSAs proposed badging plan for GA aircraft, which was buried in the Large Aircraft Security Program (LASP). Also, is there a chance for a Superior Air Parts revival?


Backup systems.