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As the founder of HomebuiltHELP.com, Jon Croke has produced instructional videos for Experimental aircraft builders for over 10 years. He has built (and helped others build) over a dozen kit aircraft of all makes and models. Jon is a private pilot and currently owns and flies a Zenith Cruzer.

What’s the Deal With AN Hardware?

As a new kit builder, you may have wondered about that gold-colored AN hardware that must be used. What’s so special about this grade...

Show Your Sleeves: Silver or Copper?

Nearly every aircraft utilizes metal cables to operate control surfaces like elevators, rudders and ailerons. As a builder, you may be required to fabricate...

Fast, Flat and Simple

Nearly every kit aircraft will require a large, flat worktable for some part of its construction. Large and flat are the important qualities that...

Fairings for Zenith Aircraft

Zenith Aircraft announced a line of wing strut fairings for its popular high-wing kit aircraft. They can be installed by the builder after the plane...

Watch Where You’re Going!

You can track on a smartphone or laptop the flight paths of Experimental aircraft as they fly in real time.

Don’t Get Stuck!

Have you ever found yourself in over your head when it comes to taking on a big project?

Are Your Wings in the Right Spot?

If you haven’t yet decided on whether to pick a high- or low-wing aircraft kit to build, you might wonder how other builders have...

Start Building Your Aircraft With a Subkit

Deciding to build an aircraft does not have to be one big, final decision.

I Need Help—Where Do I Look?

Building an aircraft kit is a complicated undertaking and few builders succeed entirely by themselves. A builder’s primary guidance is to follow the plans...

Tidy Up with Adel Clamps

There is so much to learn by simply observing the handiwork of others. Some builders are just plain creative when it comes to organizing...

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UMA Instruments

Analog gauges still have a place in the digital era.

Opening Aluminum Angle

It is not uncommon when building an aluminum airplane to need to adjust the...

Wind Tunnel


Wind Tunnel

One effect of a rotating propellor: It acts as a gyroscope. What does this mean for the pilot?