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As the founder of HomebuiltHELP.com, Jon Croke has produced instructional videos for Experimental aircraft builders for over 10 years. He has built (and helped others build) over a dozen kit aircraft of all makes and models. Jon is a private pilot and currently owns and flies a Zenith Cruzer.

Consider a Second Look

I would chance a guess that most aircraft kits are primarily built by one person. While some projects are constructed by groups or teams...
Old iPhone as aviation multi tool

The Best Multi-Tool for your Homebuilt

I am going to describe the best multi-tool you can own for your homebuilt aircraft—whether flying or building. In the “old” days, a multi-tool...

Can You Keep It Together?

Part of your aircraft kit-building journey will require you to temporarily fasten various components together. For example, maintaining precise alignment while drilling parts that...

Blind Rivets: Look Closely

Many aircraft kits are designed around the use of blind rivets—also known as pulled rivets or “pop” rivets (POP rivet is a trademarked name)....

Make That Aluminum Shine

If there was a way to make metal parts look even nicer than they looked coming out of your aircraft kit’s shipping box—and the...

What’s the Deal With AN Hardware?

As a new kit builder, you may have wondered about that gold-colored AN hardware that must be used. What’s so special about this grade...

Show Your Sleeves: Silver or Copper?

Nearly every aircraft utilizes metal cables to operate control surfaces like elevators, rudders and ailerons. As a builder, you may be required to fabricate...

Fast, Flat and Simple

Nearly every kit aircraft will require a large, flat worktable for some part of its construction. Large and flat are the important qualities that...

Fairings for Zenith Aircraft

Zenith Aircraft announced a line of wing strut fairings for its popular high-wing kit aircraft. They can be installed by the builder after the plane...

Watch Where You’re Going!

You can track on a smartphone or laptop the flight paths of Experimental aircraft as they fly in real time.

In Case You Missed it

Wind Tunnel

Design process, part 7-runway surface.

Up With Smoke

Installing a smoke system to make your mark in the sky.

Unfit for Flight

Our culture’s version of schadenfreude often distills down to something called the Darwin Award,...

Aero ‘lectrics, Strobes – Part 3

In Part 3 of this series about building an aircraft strobe, the author beefs up the project using off-the-shelf parts to provide a brighter, more frequent flash without running down the planes electrical system.