Bob Collins’ RV-7A


N614EF, an RV-7A once documented in this Kitplanes column (June 2008 page 66), was finally finished after 11 years and 3083 hours.

I’d tell you what’s in it, but there’s nothing electrifying compared to other completions. I’d tell you what modifications, but I didn’t make any. What I did was stick to the plans and build through those periods when I felt like the stupidest person in the class. I kept at it when people around me died, jobs were lost, and motivation waned. And, most important, when I finished, I was married to the same woman I was married to when I started. I had Tom Berge do the first flight so I could make sure she shared the moment with me (see pix). She’s not much of a flyer, but she wouldn’t let me quit. And that’s the kind of fun I’m having now — the kind that won’t quit.

Location: South Saint Paul, MN

e-mail address: [email protected]



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